Live Stream for AFO

ls1The AFO team has asked me to live stream the event. They want to make this the best live stream to date. Of course I said yes! I love that I can help bring my jamily closer together and maybe even spread the jam.

But, I can’t do it alone. It’s truly a community effort. Tournament directors pitch in money, equipment, and internet access. Jammers on site volunteer to run a camera or man the computer system. Other jammers and friends donate their cameras, tripods, microphones computers, and more. And, of course I put in lots of time and money as well.

Knowing that we are such a community oriented group, I am making the call out for help to make the live stream at AFO be the best live stream to date! If you will be at AFO and are willing to run a camera, help with setup, or anything else, please let me know. Also, if you happen to have a video camera, tripod, microphone, or audio mixer, and are willing to bring it along, let me know what it is. I’m hoping to setup a 3rd camera for AFO…the first 3 camera freestyle frisbee stream.

For AFO I am also trying something new. I have started a fundly to give more people the opportunity to help out. Funds will go directly towards covering the costs of doing the live stream.

If you enjoy the live streams and want help make them continue, please do what you can to help. Or, share the link and spread the word.

One last thing. I don’t want to inundate everyone on this list with regular status updates and continual requests for help. So, if you want regular updates, check the blog at

Thanks. I’m looking forward to jamming with everyone at AFO and sharing the competition with everyone who can’t make it.

Super Hein Player’s Handbook and Schedule are live

Super Hein’s competition format differs from the Freestyle Player’s Association standard format. Super Hein includes three divisions, each testing a different facet of Freestyle Frisbee play. The player who accumulates the most point across all divisions is crowned “Super Hein”. The three divisions are; Open Pairs, Turbo Shred, and Mob-op. If you are a competitor, please read the Player’s Handbook for details on each event and tips on strategy. Also, check the schedule for the event.

Registration will be done in person either at the Friday night gathering or Saturday morning starting at 9:00a on the beach.