Jam Report

Matt with the Super ProWell, the New Year Jam in Portland included the return of Brazil travelling, Matt Gauthier tonight. He joined Jake and Lori at our Multnomah Gym to shred it out for 2 hours. Great to see Matt since he’s been easing back into his turbo spinning jam style for the last few months post-ankle surgery and back injury. Even the staff at the Multnomah Arts Center (where the dance studio and gym are located) were elated to see us when we checked in. Jake, Lori, and Matt warmed up with a Jam Camp spinning catch speed flow with hoops and weaving around the floor. Afterwards, things got even more active with the usual tips, brushes, rolls, and spinning catches from each of the G-Bros. We also brought the soon-to-be touring Lemon Drop (colored) HDX Super Pro to the jam to help us wind down near the end and to add even more variety of challenges dealing with the small but sturdy disc. Thanks to Stork and Tita for arranging for the Super Pro to be available prior to it’s year-long journey around the world. Heinsville will be featuring an announcement about the Super Pro’s tour sometime in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, after exhausting ourselves and working up a healthy amount of sweat – we closed out with our broken-in Discraft Skystyler. Both discs were really fun to play with tonight. MOVES OF THE NIGHT: Jake succeeded in self-setting to a toe-delay (one of his first!) to a set behind his back to a clean scarecrow! Matt also boggled the mind by doing some ground-work – took a pass while seated on the floor and then under the leg passed to Lori, who then set it to Jake’s tip-pass back to Matt (still on the ground) who rolled around to a behind the head catch. Amazing! Too fun, that’s all I can say. – LD

Jam Report – Jam camp day 1

Yes, jam camp was awesome. Yes, Stork gave a memorable talk on Freestyle. Yes, the campers learned quickly and impressed. However, I want to focus on the jam. As the sessions where coming to an end I found Dave Schiller giving a lesson to Jason. I quietly stepped up and looked longingly at the disc, and then at Dave. Suddenly the three of us were jamming. As we began to peel out, we started feeling a little like we were getting away with something. Jason hit timley catches, Dave hit killer combos, and the three of us went running into the sun, doing brush pass after brush pass.

Unfortunately, I still needed water so I had to step out. When I came back all official training was over and we had entered the school of hard jamming. Now there were multiple groups that included Cindy, Carolyn, Amy, Lori, Kathe, Luke, Raj, Danny, Dave Lewis, Dave Schiller, Danny, Brian, Ryan, and more I’m sure. One of the cool parts was, the jam camp spirit was alive, with everyone giving “Atta boys” and pointers as the jams went on.

At one point Dave L, Lori, Cindy, Amy, Carolyn, and I were in a jam. Dave had missed most of the first day so he was full of energy. I could not believe how much he was running. He’d hit two or three hard moves, pass it, and then he was somewhere else in the group and the disc came back to him. Although the rest of us were tired from a long day, Dave more than made up for it.

However, move of the day goes to John Thorne for bringing three Z machines. This “mob-ob” was a swarm of people (kids and adults) trying to learn the delay or trying to learn a new spin or trying to learn a new move. Jason picked up some counter work, Ryan learned multiple rim and center pulls. And many others were getting their hein on. I even took a turn of two to try to get more than four consecutive counter cranks. The scene was quite impressive.

As the shadows got long the jam wound down and we all headed out dinner. The first day of Jam Camp, and an awesome jam, were a success.

Jam Report from Fraser park

As Lori and I strolled onto the scene, there were already 2 mob-ops underway. As I nailed up, Lori jumped right in. As I entered the jam, everything changed and both mob-ops merged into a single, nine person jam. Energy was high, as everyone moved and passed, but it proved to be too many people and the jam broke up again within 5 minutes. This was great for me because I got to jam one on one on one with Brian and Jason, two soon to be “campers”. Brian and Jason are both solid clock players. Jason was at jam camp last year, and it showed with his solid passes and timely catches in the mob-op. Brian’s athleticism was equally impressive. Flips and hand stands were seen early and often in this threesome.
It didn’t take long for these guys to to tire me out. After a little water I was called into another group with Cindy, Lori, Dave Schiller. These four were already on fire and I knew I would have to step up my game to keep from jam busting. There was clock and counter, right side and upside side down, flat sets and roll outs. It almost seemed as if there was nothing we couldn’t do….and if you lost control for any reason, just bump it over to Dave. No matter what or how much spin, Dave had an answer. At one point Lori did a shoot to Cindy, who tipped to Dave. He pulled behind his back and rolled to me. I did an inverted roll back and turned it over with a wrist flip and sent it back to Dave. He CRUSHED a gitis on the UD disc, crashing and burning in the process. I wish I could recall some of the combos Dave was hitting but most of them were to complex for my brain to record without the benefit of instant replay.
As the day went on there was ebb and flow. Groups changed and everyone got hot. A few memorable moments included Lori’s spinning gitis, Jason’s spinning gitis, Cindy’s crushing catches from Dave’s sets, Danny saving EVERYTHING including one of my errant crow brushes – ending in a gitis, Amy and Dave flowing together so naturally, and the sunset. Yes, the sunset on the beach was incredible. I think mother nature gets move of the day for that one.
As the sun set Lori, Dave, Cindy, Jason, and I did some speed flow – “no delays allowed.” This simple rule challenged us to use throws, tips, bumps, hoops, and catches and to run our butts off. It made for some extremely fun play. We ended by gitising into the sun set, as this small photo album will attest to. Yes, four and a half hours later, we were satisfied…or maybe it was too dark to keep going. Either way, WOW! What a way to start the new year.

Jam Report

Todays jam included Lisa, Lori, Jake (me), and the long awaited return of Matt. Matt and Lisa arrived first to the dance studio and warmed up the floor. Lori jumped straight in while Jake got prepared. Soon, the four were on fire. Restricted passes, brushes, kicks, skids and whole-lotta movement where the scene. It was evident after 10 minutes that we were all excited to play with the full cohort after so many months. Within 20 minutes we were winded…its funny how with so much movement, even with four players it’s an aerobic jam. Memorable moments included Lisa’s nice twisto-flex. She also hit many scare crows from every angle off everyone’s set. Lori hit a double spin behind the head and a sweet, unexpected bad attitude from my set. My big move was a twisto set to a spinning phlaud. Matt wins move of the day with his UDs takes. He hit one take behind the back right off the throw and then took it down between his legs, in perfect control. We also had a few practice moments where we each tried various moves including kneeling delay hold to set to hold, switching hands and knees. The jam lasted two hours. As the community center staff began locking up we all hit one last catch (the infamous “catch out”) and then headed back out into the rain. If we’re lucky, we’ll do it all over again tomorrow.

Jam Report

It was another cold night in Portland, but the gitis twitch could not be ignored. So Lori and I headed over to the community center for a nice in door jam. Somehow two weeks had passed since the last jam so we had to dust out a few cob webs. Ever noticed how a short break can sometimes lead to a break through? That was certainly the case for Lori as she pulled off move of the day over and over. She hit some nice skids, including a perfect right handed one that didn’t touch the rim once. She also hit a nice leg over set to a spinning leg over take, to a few more nice pulls that ended with a spinning behind the head…move of the day! I attempted a couple new ideas tonight. One was pointing my left leg straight while grabbing my toe with my right hand. Then, with my left hand, pass the disc on the outside on my right arm, through the hoop. As the disc falls through the hoop, reach under the left leg and crank it back through…I got close but every time got brain twisted and lost control just before the crank. As the jam wound down, Lori began practicing connect the nerouns and hit 6 in a row. Look out! Lori is on fire!

Jam Report – Turkey Jam

Well, we had in attendance 17 jammers – the youngest at 7 years-old (Erin Armstrong) and the oldest at an undisclosed age-bracket. The wind was challenging, with gusts coming from different directions, but the sun was out in full! Plus, the addition of Boston’s Rick Williams (visiting his sister in the area) made for a great time. See the photo posted to identify all those present. Locals Mike and Tam Wolfe, Scott “the Weav” Weaver, Keith Armstrong and his daughter Erin (the youngest new jammer), Tom Ford, Doug Korns, Carl Dobson, (new jammer) Raj Mistry , Kathe and Luke Smalanskas all represented the CA contingent. Oregonians, Jake and Matt Gauthier, Lisa Hunrichs and Lori Daniels were part of the Pacific NW visiting group. Four hours of jamming flew by, ending with the “death jam” by Jake, Luke, Raj, and Rick. Move of the day is up for debate, however notable moments included Matt’s brush pass to Jake’s double-spin to a kick-brush back to Matt, who then double-spun to a flying barrel-roll (Jeepers!). Also, Scott Weaver’s finesse rolls and spin changes amidst his many hours working hard preparing Weaver Winter Wonderland were also impressive.

Jam Report

Every Sunday the Multnomah Community Center opens it’s doors to a local church service. For us spin worshipers, that means we can jam in the Dance studio during the service. Today it was Lori and I at jam church, praying for insight into the spin and the wisdom to follow the discs plan for us. Worship warmed up with some speed flow including a few spinning catches by Lori. We then reviewed the book of Larbs, practicing our scare crow brushes. Then it was onto the book of Skippy for some skid pass combos. Finally we broke into the jam, letting our spirits and the disc soar as we peeled out the indies and co-ops. Move of the day nod, according to Lori, goes to me. I had counter UD. I attempted a Saturn rings behind the back pass to myself. However, I hooked the rim too much and the disc nearly turned over. In a diving save attempt to slapped down on top of the disc, completing the turn over and adding spin. Sadly, I not could regain my footing to continue the chase. Despite not making the catch, the shock and awe of a turn-over slap-brush got me the nod.

Jam Report: We had only ONE hour…

…to jam in the gym. So, as Lori nailed-up, Jake was already working on brushing, kicking, and spinning catches. No warm-up, just shred out there. Lori finally feeling ready, was given z’s and both just continued the momentum of passing, rolling, brushing, tipping, and catching as fast as two people who are jammin’ against the clock could go. Noteworthy moments were when Jake and Lori tried to do some ground moves to each other, Jake’s phlaud pulls, and Lori’s upsidedown moves. We were trying to dream up some co-ops for eventual demos that we are trying to schedule for the not-too-distant future. By the time our 55 minutes were up, both were exhausted, sweaty, hot, and happy. A strong contrast to the driving rain and cool temps outside of the gym. Move of the jam: Lori’s utl set to spin one way, to a utl pull under other leg…you’ll just have join us to see what we’re talking about. 😉

Jam Report

The scene at Magnuson park was a peaceful one. The sun was out, the grass was dry, and there was not a soul in sight. Cindy, Ryan, and I turned on the tunes, sauntered out to the jam field, and broke the peace. We almost instantly peeled. Ryan hit a skid, I hit a skid, Cindy hit a skid to a crow brush to my brush pass to Ryan’s crushing gitis.

Somehow the energy in the park had changed. There was a certain inaudible buzz in the air. Just about that time Lori and Randy walked up. With brief hugs, they were in and hein ensued. Randy brings a certain energy into a mob-op that is indescribable. It grabs your full attention…the environment melted away.

At some point I looked up from a phlaud and a second jam had emerged. “Where’d they come from?” It was Mike G, Beast, Ryan, and Ryan’s friend Greg who was having his second jam. But how could that be? He takes both spins! I went to say “hi” and jammed with this crew. Before I knew it, Mary, Rick Sader, and Bob B had also arrived.

Now there were three jams. It was like a buffet, all you can eat and whatever you want. I took full advantage, switching jams often to get maximum face-time with all. At one point Randy, Lori, Cindy, Rick, and I were in a jam. Randy had the disc and did some funky monkey, spinny, tipping combo. He was inches from Lori, who instinctively knew when it was her turn. She snatched the disc on her nail, did a restricted pass back to Randy, who sent it immediately to Cindy and we were off. After multiple rolls, Rick ended with a picture perfect phlaud. Later in the jam I had the disc. I did some pass to Randy who set the disc on it’s side on the ground. It’s spin sent it straight to me. My heart jumped and skin tingled…kick brush! But I was a split-second behind and my foot stuck to the ground like glue. ARG!

And then…behold…more jammers! Jeff, Jacob, and John Titcomb arrived to the scene to add their special spark, and fresh legs. 13 jammers in all, the jam just would not stop. After about 4 hours I stopped on a double barrel roll off Beast’s roll out. But Beast would not be out done. He, Bob, Ryan, and Jeff kept going. That is until the move of the day took place. Every one touched it, multiple restricted passes. Then, off to the brushing races they went. A few rolls across the jam, then Beast hits a kick brush, and POW gitis that took him down so hard he rolled end-over-end three times on the ground. It was so hot that everyone just stopped…”jam over, we can’t top that.”