Word of the Day – “Skillet”

Skillet: Noun. An attempted air brush where the disc skips or bounces off the hand, out of control, similar to how the disc would react if it where slapped with a skillet or frying pan. Used as a taunt or heckle after a failed air brush attempt.

Ex. “Put the Skillet away!”

See also: Spatula.

Freestyle Frisbee – Word of the Day – Turbo

Turbo: adj. A Frisbee Freestyler with endless amounts of energy for the jam. Usually the first one to the jam and the last one off the field. Also describes freestyle movements or style of play were a powerful, forceful, or explosive effort is exerted.

Ex. “As I watched them jam into the sunset I realized that they were most turbo.”

Ex. “The way you leaped into that gitis was so turbo.”

Freestyle Frisbee – Word of the Day – Hein

James Wiseman Catches a Gitis.

Hein: adj. (pronounced HAYN): A freestyler, routine, or move that excels beyond expectations. Outstanding, excellent, awesome, or admirable freestyle frisbee play. Although hein is derived from the word heinous (meaning horrific), it is used to describe very positive attributes.

Hein is more than just a descriptor, it is a state of being. As with many disciplines, freestylers constantly strive to reach the next eschalon or level. One may be hein in their own state of progress or one can be hein when their unique freestyle creations inspire and awe others. In effect, as freestylers practice, jam, and compete they are striving to be hein.

Ex. “That was a Hein routine!”

Ex. “What was that hein combo?”

Ex. “Have you seen her jam? She is so hein.”

See also: Shred

*Heinsville: a place to learn and develop freestyle disc (e.g., the place to be Hein).

Word of the Day – “Crusty”

Crusty: Adjective. Descripter indicating the age of a particular freestyle disc move or particular freestyle disc player (jammer). Typically suggesting that the move or person is of a particular vintage or age. Ex. “Wow! Check out the crusty move from the 1970s!” or “Those guys over there are the original jamming kings, and they look great even if they’re crusty.

Word of the Day – Twisted Turkey

Twisted Turkey: noun. A restricted move, often a catch in Freestyle Frisbee where the arm wraps around the inside leg on the same side. Can be either right arm wrapping around right leg or left arm wrapping around left leg. Ex. “Check out that Twisted Turkey delay!” See also: Figure Four, Perch, Pretzel, or Grape Vine.

Word of the Day – “Boosh”

Boosh: verb. 1. Individuals: To be replaced unceremoniously by another freestyler as a partner. To expect to play with a partner or partners, only to learn (indirectly) that another freestyler other than you will be The Partner. (synonyms: jilted, dropped, dumped) Ex. “I just found out that I was booshed by ___ and ___ just before the tournament.”

2. Teams: To assume that your team did not receive adequate points or to have played better than what was judged or what the results indicate. To feel as though the team has lost unfairly. Ex. “Your team was booshed and you should have won it!”

Word of the Day – Slick

Slick and RagSlick: noun. A substance applied, usually by spray, to one’s Frisbee to reduce the friction between the Frisbee and one’s finger nail. Usually a silicon based spray. Ex. I have a disc, do you have any slick?

Slick rag: noun. The nastiest old rag from the back of the closet, usually a sock, used to rub slick into the disc. Ex. Shoot, I forgot my slick rag again.

See the equipment article for recommendations.