City vs City 2019 Round 1: Replay and Results

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CoOp Battle:
Medellin: Santiago Piedrahita, Juan Piercing, Andres Rivera
New York: Daniel O’Neill, Rob Fried, Roger Meier
Winner: New York

Pairs Battle
New York: James Wiseman, Ted Oberhaus
Medellin: Pablo Azul, Dreison Arango
Winner: Medellin

1v1 Battles

Medellin: Juan Piercing
New York: Roger Meier
Winner: Medellin

Medellin: Andres Rivera
New York: Rob Fried
Winner: New York

New York: Ted Oberhaus
Medellin: Santiago Piedrahita
Winner: New York

York: Daniel O’Neill
Medellin: Dreison Arango
Winner: New York

York: James Wiseman
Medellin: Pablo Azul
Winner: New York

New York City moves on to the finals on Feb 9, 2019. Don’t miss it.

Episode 84: Fabio Sanna is a Fighter

Fabio and his son

  • Happy New Year everyone!
  • Fabio talks about what it was like to be at the beginning of the Frisbee wave in Europe.
  • Fabio says Tommy was the fertilizer that made it grow in Italy.
  • He shares his inspiration for the many videos he created on a website he developed before YouTube, which in turn, inspired many other players.
  • But as a loner spending so much time practicing, he (& others) questioned if he was wasting his time. We clearly know the answer to that!
  • Fabio of course loves to win but shares his insights on what can be gained from losing.
  • Prize money? Fabio doesn’t think we need it, but he likes the idea of contributing more funds towards growing the sport.
  • Jake, Randy, & Fabio have a in depth discussion on the pros and cons.

You may have noticed that a talented guest did the intro… the first person who guesses who it is, will receive a Frisbee Guru t-shirt.

Please tune in to the City vs. City battle on January 12th at 2p.m. eastern time (USA) when NYC takes on Medellin. The next battle will be on January 26th, when Bologna takes on Berlin. The finals will take place on February 9th.

Announcing City vs City 2019

City vs City 2019

It’s been just over a year since the first ever City vs City online Freestyle Flying disc competition. That event was a test to see if the concept could work. With it’s success, we began planning for the next iteration. And now, it’s official: City vs City Championships 2019 are now scheduled for the early part of 2019.

Four cities from four different countries and three different continents are slated to compete for the Most Hein City for 2019! Which cities have thrown down the gauntlet and put their City on the line? New York (USA), Medellin (Colombia), Berlin (Germany), and Bologna (Italy). Tune in here to watch.

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The City vs City 2019 Schedule

  • Jan 12: SEMI-FINAL 1 – New York vs Medellin (2:00 PM Eastern St. Time, US)
  • Jan 26: SEMI-FINAL 2 – Berlin vs Bologna
  • Feb 9: FINALS – Winners Battle for the crown

The Competition


Each city will put forth 5 champions to represent their honor. Players will compete in a head-to-head / battle style format as individuals and as groups to earn points for their city.

Three (3) judges watching via an online video conference, will assess the play, and determine during each battle which team or player won that round. This year’s 2019 judges are all members of the Freestyle Flying Disc Hall of Fame and may use any criteria they see fit based on their Hall of Faming expertise. The player’s job is to go out and “shred to impress” the judges.

The Technology

All locations will be connected via a web based video conference. Each location can see every other location in the conference. The locations: City 1, City 2, The Frisbeeguru Tech Room (the hosts). Music will be played by the Frisbeeguru Tech Room, through the video conference. Judges will join in a separate conference where they will see exactly what the live stream audience sees. From there, judges can confer and render a vote.

The Contest

The contest consist of a Co-Op team battle, a Pairs team battle, and five 1v1 battles. Each battle is worth 1 point, for a total possible 7 points. The judges watch each team/player and choose a winner. There is only one chance to play each battle, so players have to their A games. There is also a bit of strategy involved. Each battle has a choice: pick first or play first.

The competition will run like this….

  1. The event begins with a disc toss. The winning city will get to decide: pick first or play first. Example: City B wins the toss and chooses to pick first. Now, City B will identify their Co-Op team and Pairs team. Next, City A will identify their Co-op and Pairs teams and may opt to adjust their teams based on the composition of City B’s teams.
  2. Co-Op begins. Since City A picked second, their Co-op team will play first with each team playing 3 minutes. At the end, the judges will render a vote for a the team they feel played the best. The team with the most votes wins 1 point.
  3. Next up is pairs. The losing Co-Op team may choose to play first or second. There is no “pick” in this round because both teams were decided previously. The Pairs teams will play for 2 minutes. At the end, judges will render a vote for the team they feel played the best. The team with the most votes wins 1 point.
  4. Finally, teams will play in a 1v1 battle format. The losing team the previous round (Pairs or the last Battle of 1v1) will choose; pick first or play first. For example: If City A chooses to play first, City B will pick their player who will play second. Then, City A will choose who they wish to put up against City B’s choice. Now, City A plays first, and City B plays second. Each player receives 1 throw and does their best trick. At the end, the three judges will render a vote for the player they feel played the best. That player’s team wins 1 point. This cycle continues until all 5 players from each team have played, with each battle being worth 1 point.
  5. At this end, the team with the most points is the winner. 

Is there anything that is overlooked or not clear? And which do you think is better…pick first or play first?

Episode 83: Doug E Fresh Top 10 – Are You a Serious Jammer?

  • Doug E Fresh reveals his top 10 signs you are a serious jammer 
  • City vs City – 4 cities will battle it out for the championship. 
    • New York City
    • Medellin
    • Bologna
    • Berlin
  • What city will be crowned Heinsville for 2019?

Freestyle Disc to Be a Part of the Inaugural World Urban Games in Los Angeles, 2019!

This is such exciting news for Freestyle Frisbee that I just had to share: Freestyle Frisbee is set to be a part of the inaugural World Urban Games (WUG) in Los Angeles, California, USA in 2019! Freestyle Frisbee will be featured in the 5 day event (Sept 18-22).

World Urban Games is a new event, hosted by The Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF). According to their site, “GAISF’s vision is to present a united voice of sport in support of the Olympic ideals and of the Olympic movement and promote sport at every level and in every corner of the world, from grassroots to elite, wherever its members have national organizations and events.”

The World Urban Games event is an effort to give exposure to up-and-coming, modern sports. 

“The programme and festival will showcase all that is best about sports which have been forged by youth and urban culture and which celebrate competition, creativity, lifestyle and the engagement between competitors and fans.” – GAISF President Patrick Baumann

Sounds to me like a perfect description of Freestyle Frisbee. The GAISF must have agreed, since they started with a list 14 eligible sports and narrowed their selection down to 7.

How did freestyle get to be a part of this? Back in 2014 the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) approached the Freestyle Player’s Association (FPA) about pitching freestyle disc as part of their bid for flying disc to be a part of WUG. As members of WFDF, the FPA gave full support. Various jammers world-wide (Germany, France, USA) provided photos and videos of freestyle in urban settings. From there, WFDF made the proposal to GAISF. Freestyle was eventually accepted for eligibility and then made the final cut for inclusion.

Having Freestyle added as an eligible sport for the first edition of the World Urban Games means bringing another Flying Disc sport to a Multisport Games presence, which is a major step for the development of Freestyle internationally, opening new opportunities for our community.” – Kevin “Skippy” Givens, WFDF Freestyle Committee Chair

For 2019, the city of Los Angeles will build a new new urban park specifically for WUG in El Segundo (CA). There will be ~700 competitors, a music festival, and the event is expected to be the focus of global media attention. Competition events will include 3×3 Basketball (FIBA), BMX Freestyle (UCI), Sports Climbing  Bouldering (IFSC), Break Dance (WDSF), Freestyle Flying Disc (WFDF), Parkour (FIG), Skateboard Street and Park (World Skate), Roller Freestyle (World Skate).

This is quite possibly the largest international venue that our sport has ever been presented on, which is a tremendous opportunity for world-wide exposure of freestyle disc!

The FPA is stepping up to prepare. Their plan is to present a mixed pairs event with 12 internationally represented teams from as many different countries as possible; with a maximum of 3 teams per country.  The FPA is also investigating sponsorship opportunities for competitors and staff, to ensure that the best of our sport will be represented at this event. This is an amazing chance for teams to perform in front of a huge crowd, and be pioneers in representing the sport on the world stage.

I, for one, am hugely excited about freestyle being selected for the World Urban Games. I look forward to keeping track of the preparation progress and with helping out in any way I can. If you want to help out too, you can always support the FPA by becoming a member, donating, shopping, or volunteering.

For more details, check out the links below.

What are your thoughts about this opportunity? Let me know in the comments below.

Episode 82: Rick Castiglia Hall of Fame Bound


  • Today’s guest, Rick Castiglia, was just inducted into the Freestyle Frisbee Hall of Fame.
  • It was back in 1968 that Rick first laid his hands on a yellow fastback while playing tag with friends. Although he was an avid basketball player, it was a knee injury that led him to his love of Frisbee.
  • Rick shares how he met other players whose names you’ll recognize including Bill Wright & Doug Brannigan. The three of them joined forces in Fort Collins and set off for their great Frisbee adventures in a VW Bug and the Coloradicals were born.
  • Rick has lots of idols that helped him develop his own style of play.
  • Do you like to watch your competitor’s routines? Rick does; hear why.
  • Also find out what Rick’s most memorable victory was.
  • Announcing the inaugural FrisbeeGuru City vs City championship starting on January 12th…..don’t miss it!!

Episode 81: Ryan and James Deep Dive

Ryan Catches Gitis

Photo by Lars Åke Vinberg‎

Ryan and James join Jake and Randy and go into big time Frisbee nerdery.     

  • Ryan talks about his journey and how he has grown so much over the last year. 
  • The Growth Mindset by Carol Dweck was a pivotal read for both Ryan and James.
  • They each share their philosophies on learning, practicing, playing, and how an audience impacts the experience.
  • How many nails do you have in your jam bag?  How do you de-condo your nails, or do you?
  • Ryan’s video on how to make your gitis great.

The first Frisbee Guru City vs. City Championship is coming soon, stay tuned for the details! 

Disclosure: this post contains an affiliate link.

Golden Gate Shred 2018 Results

Ryan Vacation

Photo by Lars Åke Vinberg

Over the past weekend (Nov 3-4 2018) the Bay Area freestyle crew hosted the Golden Gate Shred 2018, freestyle Frisbee hat tournament. 16 competitors and even more friends, family, and jammers descended on Ocean Beach, San Fransisco for a fun a time and to test their beach jamming skills.

The competition took place on Saturday. Players where ranked into “A” and “B” groups. “A” players names were put into a hat and B players drew the names to form teams. After a 20 minute to warm up the teams then showed their best moves to random music for 3 minutes. They were judged using the standard FPA categories.

The large volume of hard packed sand made up for the light wind, giving teams plenty of room to run. Making the finals were the teams of Art Viger & Jan Schreck, Jake Gauthier & Johnny O’Malley, Arthur Coddington & Jim Dodelson, and Pavel Baranak & Scott Weaver.

What a treat to see Art Viger, former World Juniors freestyle champion back on the field. He and Jan both hit some tasty moves, with Jan doing the outer rim delay like no on else can and Art hitting moves as if he never quit playing. Jake and Johnny had a nice connection, hitting several passes and big catches. Arthur and Jim stepped up the technical skills hitting multiple spinning combos and some nice, close up center delay exchanges. None of them could out do Pavel and Scott. They definitively won in all three categories, making great catches, multiple spins, technical skids and turnovers, and quirky combos to seal the victory. I must say, Pavel is having an amazing year; FPAW, Beach Stylers, EFO, and now Golden Gate Shred.

The rest of the weekend was filled with sun, kind wind, great friends, and the kind of fun that can only be had at freestyle Frisbee gathering. Thanks to Pavel, Jan, and Arthur for hosting! We hope to see you back on the beach in 2019. Full results are below:

Golden Gate Shred, Group

Photo by Lars Åke Vinberg


Episode 80: Konn – Frisbee or School

Konn Kummins catches a Flamingo

  • Konn talks about his early inspirations and some of the prominent Europeans players of the day.
  • Frisbee or school – which one did he choose?
  • Demo life was not for Konn but he did have some memorable experiences.
  • Konn makes the trek to the mecca of Santa Barbara and has some eye opening moments regarding freestyle play that impacted his game.
  • Jam Britania – Novemeber 10 & 11 – will be live-streamed! Konn Cummins, Jason Salkey & Adrian Wainwright will be pairing up again after 30 years – don’t miss the reunion!!!