Episode 72: Konn Kummins Mystery Man Revealed

Konn Kummins Mystery Man Revealed

  • Jake explains a new spin practice inspired by Ryan Young.
  • Konn tells us how it all began and of course the V-bros were part of it and how the “Ally Pally Tossers” embraced him.
  • Holland Park became his home away from home where he developed his skills over 20 years.
  • Adrian Wainwright was Konn’s first partner and mentor and they brought an edge to the game that was not the norm.
  • Konn and Adrian hook up with Jason Salkey to create a formidable co-op team.
  • We also learn there was a lot of action going on in European jam scene at the time.

Jake and Randy will be pausing the podcast for a few months to focus on the upcoming livestreams at EFO & FPAW 2018 and other FrisbeeGuru projects. Don’t worry the podcast will be back with new freshly baked episodes in September. Happy Summer!!

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