FPAW Day 1 Players Schedule

Today is CoOp and Open qualifier rounds. The top 8 teams in CoOp and top 25 teams in Open get a bye into the next round and so will not be playing today. It will be festival judging and the pools are as follows:

CoOp A
Giovanni Coppo, Roger Meier, Doug Simon
Pat Marron, Johnny Trevino, Mike Galloupe
Lorenzo Modarelli, Andrea Marciano, Antonio Piccione Cusmá
Dave Zeff, Mark Regalbuti, Joey Hudoklin
Scott Weaver, Lou Sumrall, Yuval Reikoren
Rick Lebeau, Ian White, Dan Schmitt
Toddy Brodeur, Dave Schiller, Sascha Scherzinger

CoOp B
Jan Soerensen, Alfonso Lopez Velez, Pablo Andres Mosquer
Jens Velasquez, Erwin Velasquez, Lori Daniels
Edoardo Gargano, Mattia Lambertini, Mirco Zanchetta
Andreas Jaderyd, Alan Caplin, Bill Wright
Anna Merlo, John Titcomb, Dan Burke
Charles Logan, Jakub Matula, Chris Bellaj
Lisa Hunrichs, Bianca Strunz, Jens Friebe

Open A
Yuval Reikoren, Lou Sumrall
Roger Meier, Doug Simon
Jakub Matula, Dan Burke
Dave Zeff, Chuck Richard
John Titcomb, Charles Logan

Open B
Lorenzo Modarelli, Andrea Marciano
Brian McElwain, Patrick Shartrand
Juliana Korver, Rick Lebeau
Joey Hudoklin, Mark Regalbuti
Edoardo Gargano, Mirco Zanchetta
Alfonso Lopez Velez, Dan Schmitt

Tune in here.

Freestyle Frisbee World Championships 2016 Live Stream

NY LogoWe will be streaming the Freestyle Frisbee World Championships 2016 from Aug 3 – 6.. This year the event will be held in New York, New York. Currently there are 85 registered competitors ranging from 9 different countries. This includes the top 16 ranked players in the sport. This should prove to be a very exciting event.

Also on the schedule is the inaugural Hall of Fame inductions. This will take place on finals day. See the schedule and watch the stream here.