Jam Britannia III Will Be Live Streamed

Jam Britannia IIIThere is a last minute addition to the Live Streaming schedule: Jam Britannia III. Jam Britannia III takes place on Nov. 11-12, 2017 in London, England. Thanks to Chris Belaj, you can watch the event live, here on FrisbeeGuru.

As the name suggests, this event is in its third year. It takes place indoors in a beautiful gym on a forgiving rubber floor and will feature CoOp, Mixed Pairs, and the Westerfield Challenge. This fun event attracts players from around the globe. If you can’t make it, watching it live is the next best thing.

Watch here

For more details about the event, check its Facebook Page. Also, don’t miss the the promo video below.



Watch the 2017 German Championships Live

German ChampionshipsThe German Championships for 2017 will take place in Karlsruhe, Germany on July 1-2. With Chris Bellaj’s help, FrisbeeGuru will bring you the action. Christian Lamred and Florian (Flo) Hess, the tournament directors, were gracious enough to provide more details.

Jake: I’m fortunate enough to have attended 2 events in Karlsruhe; The German Championships in 2007 and FPA World Championships in 2015. Both events were run extremely well and attracted a great audience. What inspired you to hold the German Championships this year? How many German Championships has Karlsruhe held?

Flo: Decisive was the big success of the 2015 FPAW. The Initial Idea to organize the German Championships this year came from the board of our SSC Sportclub! They were looking for a similar highlight of the Sportfestival so they ask us again to run a big tournament! The concept to include an Freestyle Tournament into another larger event where a lot of spectators are is a key for success!
So we decided to run the German Championships after 10 years again for the 2nd time.

Jake: What is the competition format for this year? What divisions? How long are routines?

Flo: In Germany we have a regulation to play the German Championships with the FPA Judging rules. We also adopted the FPA competition manual with a few exceptions to be more free. For example we can play the Semifinals with 10 teams in one pool, so that we don’t need to play a Quarterfinal.
It seems that German Women like more to compete in the Open Pairs Division, so we scratched the Women’s Division due to less registrations.

Jake: Being the German Championships, is the event open to all? If so, what happens if a non-German player wins?

Flo: Yes it is an open tournament. Also for that situation we have a clever regulation ūüėõ Non-German teams can win the tournament, but don’t become German Champion. The best ranked German team will get the title and the challenge cup trophey! The requirement is that the team makes it into the finals. To count as “German” you need a german passport or you have to live at least 2 years in Germany.

Jake: How many players do you expect? Are there any top teams we should be watching out for?

Flo: So for the 50th anniversary of the SCC we are expecting at least 50 Players ūüėČ As always we have a lot of guest Jammers that only want to jam and join the party – so it will be crowded ūüėČ

Jake: Anything else you’d like to add? Anyone you’d like to thank?

Flo: I am deeply grateful to our Sponsors; Newgames Frisbeeshop and Wrightlife. We get big support from them. Bill Wright send us 2 packages of Whizrings and Spinjammers that are very needed here in Germany to spread the jam to younger players.
We are hoping to motivate a lot of kids at our event – and work for the future of Freestyle Frisbee!

Jake: Karlsruhe is known for bringing in new players and your passion in this regard is clear! Thank you so much for all you do for Freestyle Frisbee. Good luck at the German Championships.

You can watch the German Championships here. It will start at 11a (UTC +2) on July 1st. The finals will start at 10a on July 2nd.

Munich Mash Will Be Live Streamed

Munich MashChris Bellaj is at it again: he will be Live Streaming the Munich Mash Hat tournament on June 24th, 2017. Start time is 6:30p (UTC +2).

The event takes place in Munich, Germany at Olympiapark. It is slated to include players from Prague, Rome, Berlin, Munich and more. Munich Mash is a sports festival that includes extreme sports like BMX Spine Ramp, Wakeboard Rail & Air, and Street League Skateboarding. Thanks Tobi K√ľnzel, the tournament director, for bringing Freestyle Frisbee to this extreme sports event! It promises to be a fun time for all and a great opportunity to spread the jam.

According to Tobi, “We might also live stream some other stuff during the 3 days of Festival, like beginners workshops, other competition games, or just an impression of the festival at this beautiful olympic location. Much of it will remain spontaneous though, because it is our first time there.”

More about the Munich Mash Festival.

Munich Mash Hat event Facebook page.

Watch it live here.

The American Freestyle Open 2017 Will be Streamed Live

AFO 2017
The American Freestyle Open will take place in Austin, Texas on June 9-11. Watch here. Charles Logan, the tournament director, took time from his busy schedule to share some details about the event.

Jake: Austin, Texas has a long history of amazing Freestyle events. What inspired you to hold this event?

Charles: The east coast and the west coast have their regular share of tournaments. I feel it is our duty to spread the jam as much as we can all over the country. The Austin freestyle community is committed to doing their part.

Jake: Being an FPA sponsored event, it will use the standard FPA judging system. It will include Open Pairs, Mixed Pairs, Women’s Pairs, and Co-Op divisions. Also, Ryan Young will be running the judging using his tablet based system. I understand that routines will be shorter than the usual 4 or 5 minutes. What is the reasoning for this adjustment?

Charles: There is a lot of controversy over the length of routines so I won’t go into it too much but will say that we prefer the shorter routines and as a part of our bid we requested that from the board.

Jake: What is the venue for your event?

Charles:¬†We will be in Zilker park! Zilker is Austin’s version of Central Park. The turf management is good, the park is in the heart of Austin and there are some great places to swim, get food and transportation logistics are great.

Jake: How many players do you expect? Are there any top teams we should be watching out for?

Charles: The tournament is shaping up to be really small. Believe it or not we think that is okay. Makes for a tighter community for those that can make it. It is not too late to come. For those in the rankings hunt this is a good opportunity to rack up some points! So I encourage all to get on the bandwagon and get your flights booked asap!

Jake: Anything else you’d like to add? Anyone you’d like to thank?

Charles: Austin has a really rich history with freestyle Frisbee. Some great players came out of Austin and we have hosted all kinds of tournaments from worlds to local and state freestyle events. When you listen to some of the “Shootin the Fribreeze” the mentions of Austin in the early days of some of these great freestyle players is astounding. Unfortunately freestyle in Austin for the most part died off at a certain point. Huge thanks to Dan Yarnell for being the Austin’s Freestyle Sensei these last several years. Many thanks to all the Austin freestyle community for supporting our tournaments and a huge thanks to you (Jake) for helping with our streaming and Ryan Young for our judging! Paul Kenny has also been a real help as well in guiding us along in hosting the AFO.

Watch here

The Italian Open 2017 Will Be Live Streamed

Italian Open 2017Thanks to Chris Belaj, the Italian Open will be live streamed. The Freestyle Frisbee community thanks you! The Italian Open will take place in Rome, Italy on June 10-11. Andrea Rimatori and Serge Marconi are the Tournament Directors.  Andrea was gracious enough to share more details about the event.

Jake: Rome has huge jam scene but is generally not known for holding competitions. What inspired you to hold this event?

Andrea: For more than 20 years Rome has had a large scene of jammers growing up at the beach, and in the public parks all around the center. They have never participated in major tournaments in the past and they didn’t love to travel for frisbee reunions! 10 years ago, me, Serge and few new jammers started to practice frisbee both at the beach and in a gym with the idea of bringing Rome to the greatness it deserves.
For 10 years we have tried to relaunch Rome as a city with the largest number of players in Italy. We are almost 30 members of the FPR (Frisbee Power Rome Association).
This rebirth was initially passed on through the beaches and gyms of Rome where we tried to promote frisbee with local events and small shows just to give visibility.
In 2014, with the event EFO 2014, the FPR association gained much wider recognition. All the foreign players (almost 60) who came to Rome for the occasion enjoyed a super weekend. This has improved the image of the FPR in the eyes of all European and non-European jammers. We received so much positive feedback that it has inspired us to keep working. We created a documentary on EFO 2014 that was aired on a national satellite TV for the whole year of 2015!!!!
We thought that throwing the Italian Open is yet another opportunity to keep the momentum and to bring Rome to the greatness it deserves.

Italian Open Back PageJake: What is the venue for your event?

Andrea: We get from the international sport federation, CONI, one of the most beautiful private Stadium: Farnesina Stadium! It is located in the area where the most important sports clubs in Rome are located and where the major national and international tournaments are held Рlike tennis, soccer, swimming, and athletics.

Jake: What event format, judging system, and divisions do you plan to use?

Andrea: Judging Format will be traditional, because we never had a chance to create a new method of judgement.

Jake: How many players do you expect? Are there any top teams we should be watching out for?

Andrea: Almost 50 competitors from all over Europe! We already have a list of teams, both for open pairs and for co-op that are very competitive. Based on the list, I could guess at the possible finalists but as you know in freestyle Frisbee anything can happen.

Some of the pairs teams: Tom Leitner and Freddy Finner! Marco Prati (Cega) will play with Piccio Antonio Cusma. This team is actually the european champion! Clay with Andrea Dini ,Alessandro Damiano (old school player from Rome) with Dario Giusti, Andrea rimatori and Fabio Nizzo…….

CoOp: Cega, Andrea Dini, and Clay; Andrea rimatori, Fabio Nizzo, and Tom Leitner. We are very fired up after our routine won at Jam Britannia.

Mixed: Andrea Rimatori and Ilka Simon, Freddy Finner and Fabiana Ciciriello, Biko and Marzia (a couple from Rome), Edo Favorini and Giulia Aretano (new jammer from Rome) and …….. a team we’ve missed from the field and carpet for a long time ago ….. Fabio Sanna and Eleonora Imazio !

Jake: Anything you’d like to add?

Andrea: The Roman crew is working hard to make the weekend of 10-11 June indelible and unforgettable for players and for the present audience.


The Jammers 2017 Will Be Streamed Live

The Jammers 2017 will be Streamed Live. The exact day and time is determined by the weather but we are expecting to start on May 27 at 13:00 UTC-4 (1p Eastern Standard Time). Tune in here.

I had a chance to catch up with Paul Kenny, the tournament director to find out more about the event.

Jake: As the 20th annual this year, The Jammers is the longest running Freestyle Frisbee event that takes place in the same location every year. What motivates you to keep going?

Paul: I think a similar anxiety happens regarding competing.  I put routines/tournaments together and always before I do it I ask, why do I put so much effort into it, it would be easier and less stressful to not do it Рthen when it is going on and soon after, I am reminded why I do it.  And that is, there is no better way to be together with the ones I love. Regarding The Jammers, when the weather is excellent and I am on my balcony watching everyone jamming Рthere is no better feeling I get.  It reminds me that ultimately I am bringing happiness to my friends.

Jake: I, and several other players come to The Jammers every year. What do you think makes The Jammers special?

Paul: Warm weather, hardpack, the frizbreeze.  When the weather is right, there is no better place to jam.  Interestingly I probably do way too much regarding things I can control so maybe that is part of it.  One thing I am most proud of is the number of lifelong friendships OTHERS have made with each other because of this gathering.  There are a surprising number of folks that get together many times whether I am there or not.  They first met here.

Jake: What playing conditions can the players expect this year?

Paul: Same answer as that which makes The Jammers special – when right, the best playing conditions in the world.¬† People can likely expect a day that may not be perfect but The Jammers has turned into a multi-day event with jamming over many days.¬† An interesting side note – they are doing road construction in front of our place and they are re-nourishing our beach dunes so there could be some industrial anarchy that might make a good James/Ryan video ūüôā

Jake: Who are some of the people you except to attend? What teams should we be watching to put on big performances?

Paul: I think James and Ryan (underrated?) are starting their point run so that could be ridiculous.¬† Pipo is always a last minute call but he has only missed one event ever.¬† My plan, if he will have me, is to play with him as we competed at the first ever Jammers, so it is important for me to close that historical circle.¬† Expect Larry and Murf to be here.¬† They have embraced the tournament so much, they bought property on the beach a short walk to tournament central :-).¬† The south Florida gang (Berni, Rich, Vic and others), Geoff and Nanette from Orlando.¬† Jeff O’Brien, Jonathein, Lori, Darryl.¬† A couple first timers in Rob Fried along with Lou.¬† So along with Daniel and James, this will have a serious NY vibe.¬† Bethany, Joel, Kim I believe and Dan Yarnell are all slated to be here. ¬†Steve Scannell is another regular who will attend. And Gus Emmerson (a blast from the past) will be playing with Carl. There are always people I am forgetting and others that show up unannounced so it should be another great turnout.

Jake: Anything you’d like to add?

Paul’s Mom Pauline, competing with Paul in 2008 (2nd + drop-less)

Paul: My parents attended every year they were physically able.¬† They helped me establish momentum and is a big factor this became something I wanted to continue (so this may be a part of the first answer).¬† That said, when my Father passed (he was Irish), my disc art was centered around a leprechaun spinning a disc.¬† My Mother passed recently (she was French) and the disc art (I made a pin as well) is centered by the Eiffel Tower spinning a disc (incidentally generated by Raphael Legrand from Paris).¬† The complete disc art was generated by Berni Murray (one of the folks who have made this tournament theirs).¬† The disc art includes our gitis guy character (for World Gitis Day Sunday of the event), a dual replica of the disc art used for the 10th Jammers (Roman numeral XX where the X’s are each essentially 4 fingers each spinning a disc) and my slogan Freestyle Reveals Imagination Spirit Beauty and Emotional Expression.¬† Shirts were also made so a lot of schwag basically to honor my Mom.

Lastly I would like to recognize Cheryl and Carl.  They have, as Berni has become, been the backbone of the event.  Cheryl generating art, coming up with party ideas, treats and allowing me to open up our place to the anarchy.  Carl who has generated a lot of the schwag, hosted parties and generally doing all the little things no one would notice but the Tournament Director.

Jake: To get an idea of what to expect, watch the replay from 2015.


Paganello 2017 Will Be Streamed Live

There’s a last minute addition to Heinsville’s live streaming calendar. Thanks to Chris Belaj and Manuel Cesari, Paganello 2017 will be streamed live. The event is part of a Beach Ultimate tournament that takes place in Rimini, Italy on April 15 – 16, 2017. It will use an interesting new competition format called “Team Battle”. Manuel Cesari is the tournament director. I caught up with him over email to find out more:

Jake: First, let’s discuss the competition format. I understand that Paganello will use an experimental format this year. It’s based on team tennis. Players will form teams of 5 by random hat draw. Each team will send “sub teams” to each event. Events include a 3 minute co-op round, a battle format pairs bracket, and a battle format singles bracket.

Manuel: Yes, in Paganello we will try this format. Last December we tried a similar¬†version in Lazzaroni, where we had¬†two events; 3 minute Coop and 2 minute¬†Pairs. We don’t have a final name for 1vs1 format. When I thought about “Battle” with Clay and other Twister Hills jammers, we tried to imagine which kind of round to put on for¬†1vs1. I remember especially one night last summer, we were in our park in San Lazzaro where we hosted FPAW in 2008, perhaps you remember? We had a good jam all together and after we discussed¬†1vs1. After one hour of discussion, I was coming back to the car with Mirco Zanchetta when we started to think about Penalties in Soccer. Everybody Loves and Hates this part in a Soccer Game. At that moment, we found the format.

I didn’t play many “Super Pro” events in the¬†past cause I don’t like so much the 1vs1, but I know how much people love that, and I confess to you, sometimes I loved it too. So, maybe my favorite name of 1vs1 is “Super Penalty Pro”, but if somebody wanna suggest something better, they’re welcome.

Jake: I love the team concept because it lends itself well to the Olympic games where each country could send a team. I have so many questions. First off, did I outline the format correctly?

Manuel: Yes, it’s correct. One of reasons I¬†created this format is: How we can engage an¬†audience for 30/45 minute? Another reason is: How we could grow more? Andrea Poli aka Ali and I are very fortunate to have a crew. We founded Twister Hills Bologna one year after getting our first Nails: first nail was at FPAW in Rimini 2004 and THB born in 2005. Now we are really proud to have many good jammers in our city and we hope every single jammer of every city will¬†share with everybody his art, because this is the only way to grow. The third reason was: How to get to the Olympic Games? This format is for the team spirit inside us.

Since this in only the second time this format has been used and no one has teams prepared, the teams of 5 will be formed by random hat draw. At Paga we will have the 3 events, but I can imagine a version with 5 events. It¬†is important to have feedback from every¬†jammer. When we all agree on¬†a final version, obviously we’ll have Crew Battle, City Battle, Open Battle and Nation Battle.

Jake: Will you elaborate on how the judging works for each event?

Manuel: The most important part¬†of this format is to have results immediately.¬†The second thing is to have few judges. I thought about the judging system of Pairs and Coop many times and one night I’ve made a PDF with one sheet.¬†One sheet for each judge, 3 judges with the same sheet. I’ve sent this sheet (linked here) to Edoardo Gargano and Gianluca Giglio (other Bologna’s Jammers and software developers) and they started to work on an Web Application where judges use tablets, judging Difficulty and Execution at the same time. There’s also a place to make notes for AI. At the end of Routine the judges¬†can add an AI score. At first it seemed like too much, but we tried and it was not so hard. In Lazzaroni we had some problem with the AppTeam Battle, but those who tried it¬†told me it¬†was not as difficult as they had thought. I think with your help and with some changing, we could find a good balance from this judging system. If this system will work well we could play one battle in every big event or festival around the world.¬†Or we could play a battle in our gym and you with your team in Portland and have three judges around the World watching us on streaming. I’m really curious to look Ryan’s X-Box System cause maybe it could be integrate with ours. For 1vs1 and alternate pairs, judges will use only this standard: General Impression, of course with difficulty. When you have only one shot, you must do your best!

Jake: At the end, will one team‚Äč be crowned the winner?

Manuel: Yes of course, only one team win, but everybody can reach it with good teammates and good strategy.
Jake: What inspired you to create this format?

Manuel: Maybe I’ve already answered your question, but I wanna be a bit provocative. It’s difficult for our sport to attract an audience. We don’t have sponsors to live our passion, and it is difficult for younger players (and sometimes for an older person like me too) to go around the world playing frisbee freestyle. I don’t wanna see hundreds tournament with 20 player, but maybe thousand battle with 10 player could be better. Try to imagine a USA or Europe championship, every week we could fix one battle, this week Bologna vs Milan, next week Portland vs Seattle, then Koln vs Berlin. Or imagine to organize only one Battle into another event. I’m speaking about music festival or other sport tournament, only 10 players, 45 minute, no qualification round, but only high level of sport, show and suspense. I’m sure we could find many events where we could do¬†one battle, but I’m almost sure in 90% of these events it would¬†be impossible put a “Classic Freestyle Tournament”.
Jake: Is there a place where readers can find more details about the format?

Manuel: Not yet, cause I prefer test it before and find a good standard. I thought: if I write rules it’s more difficult change it. So, we will try it, we will speak about it and will collectively find the right rules. I’m happy Tom Leitner come to Paganello cause I’m really curious about his thoughts.¬†I’m happy Chris come to Paga and will manage streaming with your channel, cause I want the¬†opinion from those who made this sport great. What can be better than to bring¬†freestyle to the world?

Jake: Paganello combines Beach Ultimate and Freestyle Frisbee. Historically, Freestyle at Paganello has drawn large crowds as the Ultimate players become spectators for Freestyle. What do you expect the crowds to be like this time?

Manuel: Now Paganello are not like 5 or 10 years ago. There are not so many Ultimate teams. There is not the Circus tent or space where we play in front to hundreds people, but there are some young guys and girls with the same passion of frisbee of us. Now is the new point 0, but Paganello cannot die and I’m certain of a future come back the big Paganello of the past.

Jake: Being a Beach event, will you talk about the venue and playing field? Will players be on sand? If not, what is the surface like?

Manuel: Unfortunately there is¬†no sponsor, no indoor space and no red carpet. We’ll play on the beach, on sand, but I’m sure crowds will come to the seashore and will be great share this surface with my jamily.

Jake: Paganello will forever have a place in Freestyle Frisbee history. It was the first event to regularly draw players from the USA to Europe, which inspired a new generation of European players. How many people are you expecting to attend this year? Are there any notable players coming? For example, anyone in the top ten?

Manuel: We’ll have¬†more than¬†30 jammers. You spoke about story of Paganello and I answer with two names: Clay Coller√† and Tom Leitner. But not only them, Marco “Cega” Prati, Matteo Gaddoni, Antonio Cusm√† Piccione, Andrea Meola (all Worlds Champions) and some new jammers really on fire.

Jake: Anything else you’d like to add or anyone you want to thank?

Manuel: Maybe I’ve already said thanks to everybody. If I forgot someone, I’m sorry, but you know I love you and thanks for helping me in this dream.

This is a little editing by Mirco Zanchetta of our first Team Battle in Bologna, Enjoy it!

Virginia States 2017 Will Be Live

Virginia States

41st Annual Virginia States

It’s official. Heinsville will be Live Streaming Freestyle from the 41st annual Virginia States overall Frisbee event on April 22 – 23. Virginia States is one of the longest running Frisbee events. It holds true to the roots¬†of¬†overall style disc events. If a modern freestyler wanted to experience the Rose Bowl or the early¬†NAS events, Virginia States is probably the closest one could find today. Freestyle is a¬†favorite event of¬†the attendees. Freestylers feel the love and appreciation as the crowd pulls out the couches and lines the field to watch. Freestyle teams may be 2 or 3, just like it used to be. Judging is done by rank, which is one of the earliest judging systems. And, last but not least, Virginia States has one of the highest cash payouts for Freestyle winners, mainly because they want to attract the best talent the sport has to offer.

And that’s exactly what they do. Virginia States¬†has had a long tradition of attracting both top young talent and legends in the sport. This year will certainly not be any different. The team to watch will be Randy Silvey, Ryan Young, James Wiseman. Randy is a wily veteran who brings a dramatic flare that engages the crowd. Ryan is taking his game in new directions that will bring a layer of¬†originality. James, of course, can do any move he wants, whenever he wants. So, expect big things from this team.

Yes, though Virginia States an overall event, it is absolutely one of the hottest Freestyle events in the USA. But more than that, it is at the quintessential crossing between frisbee, family, friendship and history. So, if you can’t make it, tune in and be a part of it.



Watch Jam Canaria 2017 Live

Jam Canaria 2017

Are you feeling sad because Frisbeer is over? Console yourself by watching Jam Canaria live! Mystiq will be onsite at Jam Canaria bringing you the action. Mystiq, we owe you a big thanks!

Jam Canaria is taking place on the beach on the island of Gran Canaria. This is the first Freestyle event to take place in Spain. Being hosted the weekend after Frisbeer, Jam Canaria has attracted many of the same top players. With Jam Canaria being on the beach, it will demand a different skill set from the indoor venue of Frisbeer. The wind will be a factor. Click here to tune in and find out how the competitors adjust and to see some heinous beach freestyle.


May 11 @ 16:15 UTC + 0 ‚Äď Open Pairs Semi
May 12 @ 17:00 UTC + 0 ‚Äď Open Pairs Finals
times tentative

Watch Frisbeer Cup 2017 Live

Frisbeer Cup 2017

The Frisbeer Cup Team, Ryan Young, and Heinsville are teaming up to bring you Frisbeer Cup 2017 Live. Frisbeer Cup has been running for over a decade and attracts the best talent in Freestyle Frisbee. Fans are sure to be delighted by the level of hein this event will bring. There are also some notable features of this particular live stream.

MystiqFirst, I am not able to attend the event. Mystiq has has stepped up to produce the stream. At past events he has volunteered to learn from and fill in for me. Now he has built a formidable kit that will produce the pro level quality you are accustomed to watching. This is great news for Freestyle Frisbee; more producers means more quality live streamed events.

Ryan's TabletSecond, Ryan Young is bringing his tablet based electronic judging system. This promises to speed time between teams and rounds, and is integrated with the live stream. Team names will be automatically added into the stream, taking the burden off Mystiq. The most exciting part is that scores will be shown on the stream as they happen. Preliminary results will be available almost immediately.

Jake writes codeThird, all this has freed me up to do something I’ve wanted to try for a long time.¬†That is¬†for Heinsville to take over the live stream distribution. That means no more uStream or Youtube. The advantage here is that anyone who wants to stream their event can use the service, streams can be syndicated (sent to other channels¬†like the olympic sports web site), and can be further produced offsite. For example commentators do not have to be physically at the event to speak into the stream.

But my favorite part is that this enables Frisbeer to¬†be commercial free. That’s right, no more commercials cutting¬†in during¬†a routine.

Note that stream distribution does cost Heinsville money. Fortunately I have driven out as much¬†of the cost as possible by writing my own software. If Frisbeer is successful I will be working out exactly how to make it financially¬†viable. If you would be¬†willing to donate and/or pay to watch commercial free, professional quality Freestyle Frisbee live streams, please let me know. Also, if you’re planning to stream an event, contact me for details on using the service.

Click here to watch the stream.