Episode 54: Dan Roddick is Back – The Doctor Operates and the Stork Delivers

Stork shows of his new thimbleHappy One Year Anniversary to the Frisbee Guru Podcast, Shootin’ the Frizbreeze!  Hard to believe there have been over 52 episodes and there are still so many stories to be shared.  Jake and Randy reminisce about some of their favorite episodes.  It gets a little mushy.

  • Stork shares the origins of OCTAD and all the crazy events that it included. He wanted it to be like a decathlon and spread out the challenges for all interests and abilities. Something to offend everyone, he says.
  • It is amazing to get a behind the scenes look at the design process for the eight events. Stork elaborates on one of the events; the Eastern Trick Catch.
  • Pre-internet, they relied on Flying Disc World Magazine to get the word out and initially had about 30 participants.
  • Stork talks about the mid-west freestylers and some of the cool things they were doing. 

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Episode 53: John Kirkland and The List

John Kirkland Heel Tip

Photo by Mike Fluitt

In this episode we talk to John Kirkland. John is a Hall of Fame Inductee, a Pioneer, and an Innovator of Freestyle Frisbee.

  • Randy pays homage to John for a specific moment at an NAS tournament in 1977 that inspired him to pursue freestyle.
  • Against the spin puddle?
  • John recalls his introduction to Frisbee in 1957; there was a brilliant blue summer sky and he and his fellow campers were throwing around a Pluto Platter. He purchased one of his own when he got home, and that was the beginning of a love affair that has gone on for 61 years.
  • There was a long stretch, between 1957 and 1973, where his game was about catching and throwing and not much else. It wasn’t until the IFT in 1973, that the exposure to new players completely transformed how he saw the sport.
  • John credits Roger Barrett, from the Berkeley Frisbee Group, with giving him a list of other players to meet.
  • Find out how important that list was to John and who inspired him.
  • In John’s mind, the genesis of the modern-day sport was OCTAD in 1974.
  • Hear what Whamo’s role was in the development and how that original list of players grew.
  • Thanks to John and the many others who took the Freestyle from the toy shelf to the sports world. 

Episode 52: Joey Hudoklin – Tipping Combo King

Joey Catches a Barrel

  • You’ve been hearing about it for a couple weeks now, and today, we are excited to be launching a Patreon Campaign!! Jake explains the program and we would love your support! 
  • Joey returns with more incredible stories. First up he talks about his routine with Ritchie Smits where they had no throw, one catch, in a no drop routine. (video below)
  • When Jake asks how they thought of doing such a thing, he says it started with a simple thought, “wouldn’t it be cool if…”
  • Joey explains how he became part of Team Bud Light back in the mid 1980’s.
  • Among many of their amazing experiences, they opened for Rock Bands such as Stevie Ray Vaughan. Not a bad perk.
  • They also traveled to China and played with the musical group Jan and Dean. Although the crowds seemed to love the frisbee routine, the music wasn’t resonating. In an effort to engage the crowds, this cultural exchange went awry and became part of an international news story.
  • Joey finally reveals the secrets behind his famous tipping combo. (video below)
  • Can you remember the times that you were REALLY ON?
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Episode 51: Dexter Struz Talks About Giving Competition Formats Some Sizzle

Dexter catches a Chair

Photo by Ken Shults

  • As both a Footbag and a Freestyle organizer, Dexter shares his thoughts on competition formats and how they are perceived by an audience.
  • He thinks there’s a more exciting way to promote Freestyle and attract sponsors. Some of the ways include location, judging, and prize money.
  • Dexter, Jake, and Randy toss around some ideas about judging and making competitions more audience friendly.
  • Jake and Randy define what they mean when they use the phrase “audience friendly” which simply put, for them, is about taking something they love doing and sharing it.
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  • How do you fuel your tank before you play? 

Episode 50: Matteo Gaddoni –The One and Only Freestyle and Disc Dog World Champion

Photo by Arthur Coddington

    • Matteo talks about the evolution of his mindset as he grew his Freestyle skills, going from just having fun to focusing on competing.
    • Matteo shares his memories of the 2009 World Title he won with Tommy Leitner in Berlin and lessons learned (video below).
    • Then, remarkably, he defended his title, by winning Open Pairs again in 2010 with Arthur Coddington in Seattle (video below).
    • Although Matteo still tries to Freestyle, he now prefers playing with dogs vs. humans. His passion for Disc Dog has resulted in more World Championships. Seriously, he must be the only person to accomplish this, so cool! (video below)
    • Hear Matteo talk about his wonderful canine partnerships, their well-rounded lives, and how his experience competing is one of the main things that has transferred from Freestyle to Disc Dog.
    • Hear how doing the Podcast for almost a year has impacted both Jake & Randy.
    • Be sure to look at the responses from the Frisbee Guru poll questions and thanks again for your engagement!
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Episode 49: Arthur Coddington and Dave Lewis : The Dueling Banjos

  • Arthur Coddington and Dave Lewis, shredding in competition

    Photo by Rick LeBeau

    Arthur and Dave were one of the most dominate teams from 1996 to 2004.

  • Join us behind the curtain as they share how they each got started in 1979; Arthur on the east coast, Dave on the west coast.
  • Hear how they both left the sport for many years, came back to it in 1992, and met for the first time in Frazier Park in Santa Monica. If you haven’t played there, put it on your list!
  • Dave shared his freestyle philosophy with Arthur and it resonated. They began playing together initially as practice partners and friends.
  • Arthur shares some of their practice strategies, and how it helped push each of them to play to their full potential.
  • Jake shares how he and Matt adopted this strategy themselves and how it changed their mindsets, resulting in a better game.  
  • Stay tuned for what Randy mysteriously referred to as “Patreon”.

Episode 48: Dan Roddick, AKA Stork, is Back Talking About the Essence of Play

  • Stork talks about Frisbee, the essence of play, and how that impacts longevity.
  • In these high-pressure times and the belief in no pain no gain, Frisbee can take people in a totally different direction.
  • He appreciates how it can facilitate a re-creation allowing people to let go of constraints and just be free to play.
  • He thinks it may have been different in the early 80’s, when the competition was so intense. 
  • Stork, Jake, and Randy talk about whether it is as competitive now, or if it’s just different.
  • Stork talks about the Jersey Jam and OCTAD; a 1970 flip of a coin had a lot to do with his participation.
  • He shares why he started Flying Disc World Magazine and gives us a history lesson on why he used ‘Flying Disc’ and not ‘Frisbee’.
  • Jake and Randy are excited to put some of that play into practice and jam together today in Seattle!  

Episode 47: Graf AKA, Mehrdad Hosseinian, shares what he really “LOOVES”

Graf Bad Attitude Delay

Photo by Oren Meron

  • Graf is straight to the point about the possibility of prize money. Randy and Jake don’t let him off the hook so easily though, but for him, friendship and respect are the biggest prizes.
  • The discussion get’s interesting as they start to brainstorm.
  • The topic of routine lengths come up again and a thought provoking dialogue takes place.
  • The World Kitchen Freestyle Championships is something the FPA should seriously consider. Thanks Randy!

Happy New Year everyone!

What kind of frisbee skills do you want to work on in 2018? How good are your Egg Rolls, oops, I mean Leg Rolls? And your Monkey Dance Roll?

Episode 46: Paul Kenny, the Executive Director of the FPA, shares the 2017 Year in Review

Paul Kenny, FPA Executive Director

Photo by Cheryl Kenny

In this episode we interview Paul Kenny, the Executive Director of the Freestyle Player’s Association to review 2017. The FPA is dedicated to the growth of freestyle disc play as a lifetime recreation and a competitive sport.

  • Find out who is on the board or directors; there are some new members. There is a great European presence, which is exciting. Remember, everyone on the board is a volunteer, so kudos to those who gives their time!
  • Paul shares the year in review, which includes the new membership structure, member numbers, which are unique to each person, & creative ways they are raising money.
  • Did you ever wonder where your money goes? Paul tells you.
  • Hear about some of the most impactful tournaments of 2017.
  • It seems like Ryan Young’s name comes up a lot when it comes to making big things happen. You rock, Ryan!
  • Also, find out what’s up for 2018. Remember, when your ideas come with a plan, the board is more able to help you. As Paul says, “Be empowered…those who are inspired to DO, will get the energy.”
  • To get in touch with the board, please go to freestyledisc.org or check out the FPA Facebook page.
  • Thanks Paul, we appreciate you and all you do for the sport!
  • Have you purchased your Frisbee Guru mug yet?
  • Happy Holidays to everyone!

Episode 45: Ilka Simon Says, Invite People from the Sidelines to Join In

Ilka Judges

Photo by Bethany Sanchez

  • Ilka tackles the topic of the men to women ratio in freestyle. From her perspective, there are many other more important things to focus on.
  • When Jake asks her thoughts on growing the sport, she says it can be as simple as asking people from the sidelines to join in, creating a friendly atmosphere, and taking the time to teach them. She thinks the Karlsruhe crew does an especially good job at that.
  • Indoor our outdoor, find out her preference.
  • Also hear about Randy’s diabolical plan to take competition indoors.
  • Ilka shares her favorite trick, and it is determined that she is the inventor of the of the Death Crow.
  • Find out who Ilka would invite to her dream jam, as well as who her role model is.
  • Jake gives a shout out to both Ilka and Kolja Hannemann for doing the rankings…It is quite time consuming, but helpful.
  • Question: How do you say “Meow” in German?  Answer: “Meow”