Episode 67: Joey Hudoklin Goes with the Flow

Joey Hudoklin

Photo by Scott Star

  • Randy calls out a couple great players that deserve to be recognized.
  • Joey talks about competing indoors vs. outdoors. There are a couple different schools of thought, as you all know.
  • He also comments on shorter vs. longer routines stating that flexibility might be a good direction to go in.
  • Joey takes it a step further and brainstorms ways that the categories could change to shake things up and reward different styles.
  • Have you heard of the 24 second clock? Joey shares Craig Smith’s concept and how it can be applied.
  • For new players, he encourages them to master the fundamentals. It is amazing how this philosophy can be applied to life.
  • Randy and Jake get a little out there, but we still love them.

Jammers in Jacksonville will be live streamed next weekend, hope you’ll tune in.

Episode 66: John Kirkland – Stop Thinking About It, Just Be Present

John Kirkland - Friz Whiz Mini

  • John Kirkland talks about pendulums, air molecules, and the beginning of the chaos theory – or, is it just go with the flow?
  • Frisbee is a combination of structure and feel, it is about marrying the two. Using the past, the future, and the now, makes it come together.
  • John shares some of his innovations…which he says mostly comes from watching others and taking a little bit from everyone.
  • When touring with the Globetrotters, he believes he was the first to do a self-set to practice.
  • John, Jake, and Randy talk about the “osis” and its’ many applications.
  • They also talk about finding the surprise in playing and the human reaction.

The Jammers will be live streamed the last weekend in May, and they will be testing the dial system. Be sure to tune in!

Episode 65: Dave Lewis & Arthur Coddington Go Mental

  • Have Jake or Randy ever lost a nail during competition?
  • Dave & Arthur discuss their mental approach to competing.
  • We hear about the 1996 FPA Worlds journey and how they dealt with doubt on their way to their first FPA Open Pairs title.
  • Is it possible to win a bet where no one loses?
  • Hear about the rivalry between the 2 co-op teams of Dave Lewis, Arthur Codington, Dave Murphy & Randy Silvey, Larry Imperiale, Bill Wright and how they each pushed each other.
  • Was the Holy Roller planned or was it fate?

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 Dave, Dave, and Arthur winning co-op at 1997 FPAW.

In 1998 the co-op finals took place on Saturday. On Sunday, the winning team did a demo for the crowd. Below is their demo. Without the pressure of competition, they shredded even more than usual!


Episode 64: Fabio Sanna is a Smooth Operator

Fabio Sanna

  • Jake and Randy discuss original moves that they thought were great but ended up abandoning.
  • Find out how Fabio discovered Frisbee after picking up a free one at a sports show in his home town of Trieste.
  • Shortly after that, he discovered Tommy Leitner’s website and Heinsville.com (as it was in 2003), both of which he painstakingly watched, read, and practiced from.  
  • He was just a spectator at his first tournament at the 2003 World Championships in Rimini.
  • Seeing Freestyle for the first time brought tears to his eyes, and it wasn’t long after that he began practicing up to 12  hours a day, despite having few people to play with.
  • Fabio makes an impact when you first meet him and both Jake and Randy have specific memories they share.
  • Fabio talks about how Clay Collera had such a huge influence on him.  

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Episode 63: Chipper Bro Bell Dreams in Counter

Chip catches a Phlaud

  • Chipper shares his spin preferences and favorite throws.
  • He returns to talking about working at the Flying Disc Ranch with Joey and talks about how their routines came about and the unique way they named their moves.
  • Their first tournament together was in in Santa Cruz in 1982.
  • Chip shares how shocked  he waswhen it was announced they were the New World Champions of World Disc Games.
  • Chip and Joey continued to practice in 1983, but when Chip agreed to take some corporate gigs, his partnership with Joey was tested.

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Episode 62: When Dan Roddick Becomes Stork

Stork Throws a Wrist Flip

In this episode, Stork tells the story of how he got his nick name.

  • Jake shares his “hot” travel adventures from the Big Island.
  • It was while Dan was playing an epic Ultimate Frisbee match-up in 1974; Rutgers vs. Princeton, that a huge crowd gathered and started chanting ‘stork, stork, stork.’
  • Dan made some assumptions about why he got that nick name, since he was all legs.
  • Learn how this unique match up lead to features on local new stations and even an article in the New York Times.
  • It also led Dan to a gig doing demos for the Philadelphia Sixers and uncovering the true origin of his nick name. 
  • Find out about Randy and Jakes nick names. 


  • Do you have a nick name, and if so, what is the origin?


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Here are photos from Jake’s Big Island adventure.

Stork has has been featured on other podcasts, here and here.

Enjoy some vintage video of Stork and John Kirkland playing frisbee on the beach.


Episode 61: Joey Hudoklin Returns to Describe His Once in a Lifetime Tipping Combo

Joey Inside Kick

  • In Joey’s last episode, he left us hanging with only a brief description of his once in a lifetime tipping combo. Today he gives us the detail we have all been waiting for. It is hard to know how difficult it is because it looks so effortless.
  • Find out who Joey wishes he’d had a chance to compete with.
  • Jake asks Joey about Craig Smith, who was a huge influence on Joey. 
  • Hear what Joey’s most satisfying tournament results were, his favorite routines, who he partnered with, and how the planets aligned.
  • Have you ever cried tears of joy while playing Frisbee?

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Episode 60: John Kirkland and the Harlem Globetrotters

  • Prior to hearing John Kirkland share the time-line of his Frisbee journey in amazing detail, Randy and Jake ask each other if they remember their first tournaments. Jake has pretty good recall; Randy, not as much.
  • John shares a life changing experience when he and Victor Malafronte used to open in front of huge audiences for the Harlem Globetrotters.
  • John cherishes his memory of playing at Madison Square Garden, which turned out to be one of the many pivotal moments of Frisbee becoming a sport.
  • Hear how Randy’s youthful long hair influenced his future.
  • Hear how Jakes hair story is exactly the opposite.
  • Whatever your hair, or lack thereof, let your freak flag fly!

Episode 59: Interviews with the Winners of Frisbeer 2018

Frisbeer Cup LogoIn this episode, we had a chance to talk to the from Frisbeer Cup 2018. You can see all the routines here.

Clay Collerà, Marco Prati, Andrea Sarti, Rank: 1, Points: 5155.6

Eitan Rei Koren, Yuval Reikoren, Rank: 1, Points: 2929.6

Manuel Cesari, Ilka Simon, Rank: 1, Points: 3597.5

Ilka SimonJuliana Korver, Rank: 1, Points: 3136.8

Jakub Kostel, Ryan Young, Rank: 1, Points: 3796.2