Episode 9 – Bill Wright Part 2 – Coloradicals and More

Bill Wright tells us more about the Coloradicals and begins to lead into other topics.

  • Was their lighthearted approach the secret to success?
  • Bill explains “Pick Your Poison” as a way of seeding the semi-pools before there were rankings.
  • He also shares his thoughts on routine length and getting innovative around different formats.
  • Bill says, “Different times call for different measures…We should try everything possible to get the sport to grow.”

Episode 8 – James Wiseman on the Spread the Jam Project

Spread the Jam Project

The Original Spread the Jam Project Crew

The Spread the Jam Project helped shape the face of Freestyle Frisbee on YouTube. James Wiseman explains why he started the project, what he learned, and how the focus of his video efforts have shifted.

  • James first encounters Freestyle Frisbee in Austin Texas, site of the American Freestyle Open in 2017
  • The state of Freestyle Frisbee on YouTube at that time
  • Tom Leitner takes James under his wing
  • With the help of the FPA’s Spread the Jam Grant, James and friends embark on the project
  • Success and Failure in the same breath
  • Parallels between Freestyle Frisbee and skateboarding’s early days: skateboarding documentary DogTown and Z Boys
  • Some videos of Rodney Mullen below:


Episode 7 – Donnie Rhodes and Allen Elliott – The Road to Becoming ’81 Rose Bowl Champions

Donnie and Alan

Donnie Rhodes, Allen Elliott

We got a chance to talk with Allen Elliott and Donnie Rhodes. In this episode they talk about how the started playing, how they teamed up, and how they prepared for the ’81 Rose Bowl.

Semifinals Performance

Semi and Finals edited together

Episode 6: Birth of the Coloradicals


Doug Brannigan, Bill Wright, and Rick Castiglia

We interview Bill Wright and learn about the birth of the Coloradicals, the iconic Freestyle team of Bill Wright, Rick Castiglia, and Doug Brannigan.

  • Find out the origin of the Coloradicals & the inception of the delay.
  • The birth of the Blur, and spinning catches.
  • For you youngsters, find out how in heck you set up your music in the 1970’s.
  • Hear how choreographed routines evolved for this team and listen to Bill share his memories about qualifying (and winning!) the 1980 Rose Bowl as a college senior.
  • “Wow, I am a world Frisbee champion from Colorado. That’s amazing!”

Episode 5 – Featuring the Frisbeer Cup 2017 Winners

Frisbeer Cup 2017In this episode we talk with all the winners from Frisbeer Cup 2017. See all the results here.








Episode 4 – More Shootin’ the FrizBreeze with Ryan

Ryan in His Lab

Ryan in His Lab

In this episode we wrap up our conversation with Ryan.

Episode 3 – Tablet Based Electronic Judging

Ryan Young

In this episode, Ryan Young talks about his tablet based electronic judging system.

  • What inspired him to create the system?
  • How many “problems are hidden in the paper”?
  • Find out about Potlatch’s experimental judging system, and what Ryan has learned along the way.
  • What is Ryan’s perfect judging system.
  • How could real time scores change freestyle competitions?
  • Should the judging system be adjusted to make freestyle more audience friendly?

Episode 2 – It all Went Terribly Wrong

Ryan Young

  • Hear how things went awry with Ryan Young’s first international trip.
  • Learn what NOT to wear when traveling to Prague in the middle of winter.
  • Find out about the valuable orange skystyler that was almost lost.
  • Does Frisbeer sound fun? It is! Its happening again this year.

Episode 1 – The Beast Shares His Wisdom

The BeastJake & Randy shoot the Frizbreeze with Steve Hays, AKA, the Beast.

  • The Beast shares his thoughts on making Freestyle more audience friendly.
  • He also adds a historical perspective on the topic; after all, he has been playing since 1977.
  • What parallels can be made to other sports that might move this discussion forward?
  • Also, find out some fun facts that surprise them all.
  • Click to learn out how to do a “Bad Attitude” discussed during the podcast.

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