Episode 122: Krae Van Sickle, the 360 Man

Krae performingShout out to our announcer, Mike Galloupe. We continue to love hearing his deep, tender tones during each episode!

Krae Van Sickle is back and talking about the V-Bros, whose unique approach was often the envy of others. Krae started competing in the overall events in the early 1970’s with lots of success in golf and distance, and he was the first to introduce the 360 turnaround before the release. Krae reminisces about his adventures traveling around the country finally ending up winning the overall title at the Rose Bowl in 1978. It was a time of true camaraderie vs. winning, which was appealing to Krae. As the competition became more of a focus, Krae became more dedicated to the performance art aspect of play, which was his true passion.

Call out to up to several up and coming players that are exciting to watch:  Juan David Rivera from Medellin, and Kuba Radwonski & Tymek Wrotek from Poland. Tune in to the last Tiny Room and take a look for yourselves. 

Episode 121: Crazy John Brooks, the Man with the Rubber Hips

Congrats to John Brooks, a new inductee to the Freestyle Frisbee Hall of Fame. The Velasquez brothers are once again a topic of conversation. Crazy shares tales about the genesis of Team Bud Light with Chipper Bro Bell, & Joey Hudoklin. Crazy credits his teammates for their unique contributions. Team Bud Light opened for many amazing bands; Crazy shares some stories about Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Partial Band List:

  • Little Feat
  • Mason Dixon
  • The Fabulous Thunderbirds
  • Joe King Carrasco
  • Asleep at the Wheel
  • TOTO
  • Pure Prairie League
  • The String Cheese Incident
  • Heart
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
  • Molly Hatchet
  • Jan and Dean
  • Til’ Tuesday
  • KBC Band
  • Triumph
  • Endless Summer Beach Band
  • Vixen
  • Crowded House
  • Richard Marx
  • Cheap Trick
  • The Beach Boys
  • Oingo Boingo
  • The Bellamy Brothers
  • Starship
  • Blue Oyster Cult

Episode 120: Skippy Jammer Skid Technology

Skippy talks about discovering vs. inventing skids and how he used them in his play. He talks about how to do demos the right way and shares a little bit about Team Side Out and how they managed the choreography for 4 people. The competition was steep and winning could be lucrative, but everyone remained friends.
Jake and Randy have an interesting discussion about how to define difficulty and how it is rewarded. What are your thoughts? 

Episode 119: Larry Imperiale is the Bionic Man

Larry GitisLarry talks about connecting with Bill Wright, which was the beginning of their long and brilliant partnership. He talks about competing in the US Open in 1982 & 1983 with the legendary 2001 Space Odyssey themed routine. In 1984, Larry left the bay area to relocate to San Diego. He has fond memories of the Friday cove jams, all the great players, and how it influenced his game. After surgery, Larry had a little gap while he recovered, but was lured back in the 1988 World Championships where he filled in for John Jewell joining Skippy Jammer & Tommy Leitner. This was the beginning of his journey with Team SideOut.

Episode 118: Amy Schiller Comes Full Circle

Amy UTLWelcome to Amy Schiller, who has had great success in ultimate, overall, and freestyle, is a 7-time mixed pairs Freestyle champion and is one of the best beach jammers in the world. As a student at the University of Illinois in 1981, and already an accomplished athlete, Amy was introduced to Ultimate and quickly realized she had found her tribe. After playing some co-ed, she and her friend Nan, soon started “Drastic Plastic”, a women’s Ultimate team. It wasn’t until she road tripped to Santa Cruz, that she witnessed competitive Freestyle firsthand. Thanks to Donnie Rhodes, Carolyn Hubbard, and Stacy McCarthy for piquing her interest. Although Amy continued to play overall, she and Dave Schiller started competing together in 1994, and as she says, “I fell in love.” Find out what world record Amy still holds.

Episode 117: Krae Van Sickle in the Time of Invention

Krae LacerKrae takes us back to the 1970’s, when so much discovery and invention was taking place in Freestyle. He shares the excitement of working on new moves that often seemed impossible became a reality after a month or so of practicing. Hear about the multi-skill set shows he became part and the impressive community it was connected to. Hopefully, we’ll see some video of that soon. Krae attributes some well known moves and styles to Joey Hudolklin, Jeff Felberbaum, Richie Smits, Kerry Kollmar and the V-Brothers. He shares some interesting insights and talks about how his own play was influenced.

Episode 116: Crazy John Brooks is Back!

Bud Light Frisbee TeamCrazy talks about his early freestyle partners in 1979 in Kansas City and how he ultimately ended up in Santa Barbara in the mid ‘80’s. He talks about the origins of the Bud Light team and how the tours began. He shares some wild experiences, including meeting Miss Budweiser and being around the always impressive Velasquez brothers.

Congrats to Jake and all the winners of the 2010 Decade Awards!

Stay tuned for another Tiny Room Challenge. You can watch the livestream on Frisbeeguru.com on July 18th, 19th, 25th, & 26th hosted by Daniel O’Neill and James Wiseman.

Episode 115: Skippy Jammer Plays to Maximum Intensity

Skippy Pointed ToeThe selection criteria for some people choosing a university is the academics, but in 1979, Skippy chose Sonoma State University based on who he’d be able to play Frisbee with.  Find out how Kevin Givens became Skippy Jammer. Skippy was into a variety of sports that required maximum intensity. He shares how he was also able to apply what he learned to Freestyle. Listen to the tales of Skippy meeting “Little Tommy Leitner” and how their relationship evolved. Both Skippy and Tommy were mentors to Jake as they played together in Northern California.  
Jake reminisces about the 2013 World Championships in Santa Cruz after coming from behind and experiencing an unexpected win with Arthur Coddington.

Episode 114: Larry Imperiale and the Incredible Summer of 1980

Laerbs early 80s brushingThe summer of 1980 was special for Larry, as he shares his memories of all the travel and tournaments. Listen how he describes his admiration for one particular player, whose athleticism and flow was influencing the entire Freestyle scene. Through sickness and beginning work, Larry’s passion for jamming continued, including some success at the Rose Bowl with the Toe Jammers!
Jake and Randy describe the most memorable routines they’ve ever seen. Their descriptions will make you feel like you saw them too!   

Episode 113: Krae Van Sickle Witness to Magic

Krae as a KidWelcome to Krae Van Sickle who is Hall of Famer and a true pioneer of the sport. In the beginning, Randy finds himself a little verklempt with one of his idols. Krae started playing Frisbee in Greenwich Village, NY in the 1960’s, first given a Wham-o Pluto Platter by his father when he was just a small tot. While many Dad’s connect with their sons by tossing a ball, Krae and his Dad tossed the Frisbee. Krae shares his early memories of playing in Washington Square. He also talks about his transition to playing at the bandshell in Central Park at the age of 12. He reminisces about the melting pot of players, and their mutual passion of a sport brought so many together. Krae recalls being witness to some significant evolutions in Freestyle, which really changed to game.    
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