Episode 123: Amy Schiller – Wish We All Could be California Girls

Amy looks back to 1994 and frisbee life in the La Jolla “ghetto.” Amy talks about her experiences playing with Stacy McCarthy and how they eventually went pro. Hear about their international travels and their attempt to make a living do it. Amy shares how she and Stacy built their routines for their high-profile gigs and how the Dream of Jeannie theme, was a go to favorite. Find out how Amy & Dave used their awesome Frisbee skills to sell some Jeeps.
How do you deal with your nerves when competing?
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  1. Great story telling by Amy. One minor factual correction…Dawson City, Yukon is in Canada, not Alaska. I sometimes wonder if US kids are taught that the Klondike goldrush was in Alaska when in fact the gold was on the edge of Dawson City, Yukon.

  2. Gregg Dale Hosfeld

    I flopped @ Chez Ghetto !

  3. Thoroughly enjoyable interview with Amy.
    Fun hearing the backstories!
    Is there a FrizBreeze episode where Amy talks about WFDF 99 in Kalmar, Sweden? She destroyed! If I recall, Amy won every event but Accuracy. And got 2nd in that.
    The DUDEtte is an astonishing athlete.
    Do you have a link to an “Dream of Jeannie” video?
    Nice work kiddies!

  4. Can I tell you how much I love traveling down memory lane in this interview with Amy. I was laughing and smiling at the crazy and unbelievable times we had traveling and performing in gigs all over the world.
    One of my favorite stories that Amy didn’t mention was our crazy time in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to open a bikini contest. From the delayed Aero Mexico flight to get there to the shanagins while we were there.
    So many memories. BTW, I have on an old video Amy’s slide and Sh*! on Japanese television.

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