Episode 139: Eduardo Turri – It’s a Family Affair

Welcome to Eduardo, one of the hottest players on the scene! The young Edo started playing with his Dad and a Daffy Duck Disc. At 17, he saw Andrea Festi playing at a music festival and his Freestyle journey began in Rovereto along with Mattia Colombaria, & Fillipo Bortot. All sorts of amazing connections came as a result. The four horsemen of Rovereto began playing inside during the winter, and their game hit another level. It was at the 2017 Worlds in Udine, Italy where they all earned a place in the finals, that Eduardo was truly inspired to deepen his game. And deepen it he did!

Four years and counting!  Thanks to all of our Patrons and donors for supporting our efforts!

Episode 138: Su Strait – Art vs Sport

We start the journey with Su Strait and where it all began in Central Park. Dance was her passion but not her people. Frisbee allowed that passion for dance to continue through her love of freestyle and the people who were part of it. Su tells us about the beginnings of her partnership with Jane Englehart – arranged marriage? She talks about van life and the journey to the Rose Bowl plus much more.

Below is the link to download Fabio Sanna’s and Rick Moody’s drawing of the iconic photo of Su Strait’s bad attitude catch.

Thanks to Fabio Sanna and Rick Moody’s for their generous gift to our listeners!!

Su Bad Attitude By Fabio Sanna
Fabio Sanna Hand Drawn Interpretation of Su Straight Bad Attitude. Click for full size.
Su Straight Bad Attitude Drawn by Rick Moody
Rick Moody Hand Drawn Interpretation of Su Straight Bad Attitude. Click for full size.

Episode 137: Gary Perlberg – You are going to be a star!

We learn how Frisbee came into Gary’s life and a chance encounter with a skip shot. Gary talks about the early days of the Rose Bowl and its origins. We hear about the beginnings of Venice Green and listen to find out who was the Christmas present that arrived on that auspicious day.

Congrats to Tiny Room Battle Challenge 4 winners, Bianca Strunz & Eduardo Turri!

Episode 136: Lori Daniels Is Intrigued by Alien Frisbees

Lori shares how Frisbee came into her life and how she learned about the Virginia States Tournament as a freshman at the Mary Washington College in 1981. She competed for the first time in 1982 and all things Flying Disc have been a major focus of Lori’s life ever since. Playing mainly with men in the beginning, she clearly recalls traveling to other tournaments and seeing some of the other women jammers for the first time.

Episode 135: 6 Crazy John Brooks; if the Name Fits, Wear It!

Bud Light Team Itinerary

Crazy continues sharing stories of Japan and how some of their interesting cultural attributes played out in relation to Freestyle. A fascinating conversation takes place about the popularity of leg warmers. Crazy talks about the success of Donnie & Camilla & amazing gig they lost to a dog. He shares stories of being at the Playboy Mansion, and wild escapades with the Bud Light Tour in Aspen. Find out who his dream jammers are.

Jake & Lori had a great guest jammer, but you’ll have to listen to this to find out who it was.

Episode 134: Amy Schiller – Beach Jammer

Amy Schiller Chest Roll

Amy is back and she talks about some of her favorite travel hot spots. The year of 1990 was an epic year for Amy. She talks about a couple ideals when it comes to jam size and wind conditions. She loved watching the Tiny Room competitions and seeing all the new players. The advice she has for beginners is to master a strong throw. Amy talks about her sweetest win and the pros and cons of being competitive.

Who is planning on going to Virginia States in September?

Episode 133: Krae Van Sickle on Innovation

Krae returns to talk about the past, present, and future of Freestyle. Freestyle routines are designed for the judging systems and he has some creative ideas for expanding the current format. The Tiny Room Challenge is a great example of recent innovation. Krae shares his thoughts on the freedom of Mob-Ops, planned routines, and using different modalities. Jake & Randy discuss the language of Freestyle and how it shifts over time.

Episode 132: Crazy John Brooks and the Mickey Mouse Surprise

John addresses the rumors of his notorious hotel ledge walking and other high-flying escapades. He shares his time living in Japan in the 80’s and what drove his desire to move. John is a multi-talented player with impressive skill sets in all disciplines.

Kudos again to everyone involved in the Tiny Room Challenge #3! Congrats to Juliana Korver and Tommy Leitner for their first place finishes!

Episode 131: Skippy Jammer Talks about the Legends of the Game

Skippy gets a a trophy from Bill

He goes back to the 1980’s and identifies some of the best players during that time. He also talks about some of the forgotten players that made an impact. Have you ever wondered how the FPA came about? Skippy shares some history of its’ creation.

Did you tune into the Tiny Room Challenge?  Thanks to Ryan, James, Daniel, and everyone that made the event a success!

Episode 130: Larry Imperiale, a Jambassador

Larry Paga 2011

Larry continues discussing Paganello and the foundation of the “Euro Wave”. Randy & Larry share memories of the midnight Ultra Mundo Disco at Paganello, which unfortunately is a blast from the past. Larry shares some of what he refers to as “small world stories” that have resulted from his many travels. As someone who has had a long, successful career, Larry reminisces about some of his most memorable routines. He also gives some advice to younger players.

Tune in to the Tiny Room Challenge 3 on February 6th & 7th, and February 13th & 14th.With the jammers on the net yahoo email group being removed, Tom Leitner has set up a new google-groups version. Click here to go to the sign up page.