Episode 31: Joey Hudoklin – “The Oracle”

Joey HudoklinHear how Hall of Famer, Joey Hudoklin, discovered Freestyle. As a kid growing up in Greenwich Village, he mostly concentrated on mainstream sports like baseball & basketball. Then one summer day in 1975, he ventured to Washington Square with some friends and a frisbee appeared. Seeing the overhand wrist flip caught his eye and got him hooked. Later trips to the Bandshell in Central Park allowed him to witness the inception of some of the moves we have all come to use and love. Find out who truly inspired Joey in the beginning. Also hear Joey’s thoughts on playing in high people-traffic areas. Jake shares his thoughts as well, which are a little different. 

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  1. That was excellent, reminded me of the Warriors movie, the Frisbee gangs of New York with their urban territories and pecking order. It’s great that you guy’s are getting these stories documented for the future generations.

  2. Love the old school ny memories.

  3. Good work on the Early Joey years, more to come sometime i am sure

  4. Joey,

    Dead Head here (from Jorma’s blog). No, I’m not stalking you; just searching for another avenue to communicate since “Cracks in the Finish” seems doomed and, frankly, absurd. Without further ado, let me know if this is acceptable.

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