Episode 34: Carolyn and Stacy – Can we Make a Living Throwing a Frisbee?

Carolyn and Stacy

  • Carolyn and Stacy talk about the high expectations when they started playing and how the thought of playing professionally was always on their minds.
  • Although early competitions didn’t necessarily lend themselves to connecting with other women that were playing, they recall some memorable female players and their routines.
  • Stacy talks about playing with Amy Schiller, “The California Girls.”
  • Carolyn shares that as early female pioneers of the sport, they would sometimes feel isolated, and she and Stacy share some interesting thoughts on why that was and offer ideas on how to engage women so they’ll stick with it.
  • Is Mixed Pairs a strategy?
  • There is no question that people want to see women play!
  • Randy recommends a new and easy way to judge…Do you remember the Gong Show?
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  1. Thanks for this interview! You two are/were an inspiration to jammers alike. I’m very thankful to have played with and against both of you. You elevated my game and for that, I will forever be appreciative.

    • Thanks Judy. You were an inspiration as well and a significant part of women jammers who helped ignite the sport of freestyle frisbee.

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