Episode 57: Dave Lewis and Arthur Coddington Break It Down

It was after a tournament win in 1993, that Dave and Arthur knew that had something good and decided to become a team. As their game continued to evolve, they found their true test at the FPA Worlds, where they had some serious competition.

  • Dave and Arthur break down their journey together.
  • Find out how the Beast’s feedback, and others, influenced their future play.
  • They also started using the judging sheets as a tool, watching the audience reactions, and breaking down the moves of other players.
  • Once they connected all the dots, they were scary good.
  • Sometimes they felt others were critical of them for “practicing too much.” Strange and mysterious! Have you ever felt criticized in a way that didn’t feel good when you were just trying to put your best foot forward?

It’s Frisbeer 2018 Weekend, and Randy is experiencing it firsthand. Hope everyone is watching the livestream!

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