Jam Report

It was a Friday night, work blues were in full effect, but the weekend was upon us. How better to melt away the work blues than to jam? So Matt, Lisa, and I headed over to the Multnomah Community Center (MAC) for a 2 hour shred fest. Usually we start with some quick catch, but this time we went from zero to hein in under 5 minutes each hitting indies and co-ops right out of the gate. Some memorable moments include Lisa’s multi skid/spin combo and Matt’s rolling on the ground catches. Also, we all tried this UTL set where the disc goes around the head and then back to onto the nail. It’s blind. And we all hit it at least once. However, I am giving myself move of the day for a leg over kick brush to a btb kick brush to a gitis.

Later in the jam, Lisa sat down and Matt and I went at it one on one. We kept trying to one up each other. I’d say Matt won handedly but I kept close. Then Lisa came back in and Matt sat down. She and I went for co-op flow, sending beautiful short, long, flat, and angled passes. Eventually she sat down and it was just me. I TOOK THEM BOTH DOWN. Now that’s how to win a jam.

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