Jam Report – The Second Frizbeer Jam 2010

Despite the cold, we had an itch. So, we piled into Dexter’s van and went to a square in old town. It was The Beast, Paul Kenny, Ryan Young, Matteo Gadoni, Spike (Matteo’s dog), and I. When we arrived Pavel was already shredding. The scene was intense. Large, square tiles with patches of ice, surround by buildings and tunnels. To our left, a railing shielded the road down below. We were freezing so we immediately started to jam…Ryan in shorts! The jam was hot. At one point Beast was on a brushing run with Pavel. He made a big catch and was so fired up that he threw the disc over the railing and into the road. Which Frisbee law is that? As the sun went down Jakub & Jakub showed up and added their vibe, with big gitis and bad attitudes. Lights came on and the building began to freeze. As we ran, we would inevitably approach an ice pile and someone would yell “ICE!” Then came, move of the day. Jakub hit a chest roll that sent him to the ice. There was a yell, and then a gitis. He nailed it with grace and hardly slipped at all. These guys must play in the ice all the time. Luckily for the foreigners we have a gym for the rest of the week. Jam on!

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