The Jammers 2017: Results

The Jammers 2017

1. Lori Daniels/James Wiseman

2t. Connie Bond/Larry Imperiale

2t. Bethany Sanchez/Rob Fried

4.Michaela Galloupe/Mike Galloupe




1. Ryan Young/James Wiseman

2. Darryl Allen/Carlos “Pipo” Lopez/Jeff O’Brien

3. Larry Imperiale/Daniel O’Neill

4t. Steve Scannell/Mike Galloupe

4t. Rob Fried/Tito Andino

6t. Lori Daniels/Joel Rogers

6t. Carl Emerson/James ”Gus” Emerson

8. Kim Larkin

9. Lou Somrall/Geoff Gregory/Alan Clark






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