Poll: What are the 5 Most Important Characteristics of a Freestyle Frisbee Shoe?

Jam ShoesOpinions about the best shoes for Freestyle are varied. In Matt Gauthier’s article about Freestyle Frisbee equipment, he writes that wearing shoes one size too small helps with kick brushing control. Conversely, Larry Imperiale recommends one size too big. Donnie Rhodes and Ryan Young like jamming in Ballet shoes for maximum foot articulation, while Lori Daniels like high tops for ankle support.

In this week’s poll, we search for common characteristics that define the best Freestyle Frisbee shoe. Choose your top 5 answers.

What are the 5 Most Important Characteristics of a Freestyle Frisbee Shoe?


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If you’re looking for shoes, here are 2 suggestions. Note: these are affiliate links so FrisbeeGuru gets a small cut if you use the link and make a purchase:

Rebook Classics – Jake’s Choice

Adidas Samba – Matt’s Choice
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  1. also important is a continious sole for sole brushing.

  2. Thomas NoZ Nötzel

    Waterproof for bad-wheather-jams 😉

  3. I chose “Other” because the flat sole (no pronounced difference between the height of the heel and sole) is most important so that you’re not accidentally rolling your ankle. My favorite shoes are either volleyball or tennis shoes.

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