Poll: What is Your Favorite Color Discraft Sky-Styler?

Sky StylersAnyone who’s jammed with a Discraft Sky-Styler knows that the color effects how the disc plays. Some colors are softer which changes how they air brush. Some colors spin longer than others, making them better for the nail delay. Some colors are easier to see than others. With so many variables, exactly which Sky-Styler to play with comes down to a matter of preference. So what’s your preference? This week’s poll:

What is your favorite color of Discraft Sky-Styler?

[poll id=”23″]

Of course there are those who prefer a different disc all together. If that’s you, let us know which disc you prefer in the comments below. Thanks, Lusti, for the poll suggestion.

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  1. I love the pink discs.
    I asked Discraft if they can produce it again.
    They answerd that they will setup a new SkyStyler color if someone will place an order over 10000 discs.

  2. I haven’t seriously jammed in quite some time but was serious about it in the ’80’s. I preferred a Whamo High Rigidity for durability reasons but the Sky Stylers were really sweet to play with too! I found yellow to be really durable color but my favorite was the semi translucent clear plastic. I used to have one with a purple band and a white center design,so nice!

    • Great to see you on the site. When I was at AFO, James had a High Rig. We meant to play with it but never go to it. Hopefully I’ll get another chance. I also really like the HDX Super Pro model. I have one I break out from time to time.

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