FPAW 2019: Finals Videos

FPAW2019 Womens Pairs Finals Ilka Simon, Juliana Korver (1st)
FPAW2019 Womens Pairs Finals Mary Lowry, Emma Kahle (2nd)
FPAW2019 Womens Pairs Finals Cindy St. Mary, Lisa Hunrichs (3rd)
FPAW2019 Womens Pairs Finals Maxine Mittempergher, Renee Donaldson (4th)

FPAW2019 Open Pairs Finals Mehrdad Hosseinianl, James Wiseman (1st)
FPAW2019 Open Pairs Finals Freddy Finner, Fabian Dinklage (2nd)
FPAW2019 Open Pairs Finals Dave Schiller, Thomas Nötzel (3rd)
FPAW2019 Open Pairs Finals Edoardo Turri, Mattia Colombari (4th)
FPAW2019 Open Pairs Finals Paul Kenny, Daniel O’Neill (5th)
FPAW2019 Open Pairs Finals Randy Silvey, Andrea Festi (6th)
FPAW2019 Open Pairs Finals Pavel Baranyk, Jan Schreck (7th)
FPAW2019 Open Pairs Finals Cindy St. Mary, Ryan Young (8th)

FPAW2019 Mixed Pairs Finals Juliana Korver, James Wiseman (1st)
FPAW2019 Mixed Pairs Finals Maxine Mittempergher, Edoardo Turri (2nd)
FPAW2019 Mixed Pairs Finals Emma Kahle, Pavel Baranyk (3rd)
FPAW2019 Mixed Pairs Finals Lisa Hunrichs, Freddy Finner (4th)
FPAW2019 Mixed Pairs Finals Lori Daniels, Andrea Festi (5th)
FPAW2019 Mixed Pairs Finals Char Powell, Daniel O’Neill (6th)

FPAW2019 Co-Op Pairs Finals Pavel Baranyk, Dave Schiller, Ryan Young (1st)
FPAW2019 Co-Op Pairs Finals Daniel O’Neill, Paul Kenny, James Wiseman (2nd)
FPAW2019 Co-Op Pairs Finals Freddy Finner, Edoardo Turri, Mehrdad Hosseinian (3rd)
FPAW2019 Co-Op Pairs Finals Mattia Colombari, Andrea Festi, Randy Silvey (4th)
FPAW2019 Co-Op Pairs Finals Thomas Nötzel FinalsFabian Dinklage, Jan Schreck (5th)
FPAW2019 Co-Op Pairs Finals Jason Salkey, Lisa Hunrichs, Pablo Andres Mosquer (6th)

FPAW2019 X-Disc Juniors World Championships – All Routines and Awards

These videos are a direct result of the live stream. A special thanks to all those who volunteered to make it happen:

Setup / Take Down

  • Jake Gauthier
  • Doug Korns*
  • Lori Daniels*
  • James Wiseman
  • Mike Galloupe
  • Pat Marron
  • Ryan Young*


  • Doug Korns*
  • Leaker
  • Mystiq
  • Johnny Trevino
  • Andrea Givens
  • Kim Rogers
  • Jason Salkey
  • Jan Shrek
  • Lori Daniels*


  • Skippy Jammer
  • Lori Daniels*
  • Bethany Sanchez
  • Larry Imperiale
  • Dave Schiller
  • Mike Galloupe
  • Randy Silvey
  • Freddy Finner
  • Daniel O’Neill
  • Riley O’Neill

On Field Music and Announcing

  • Dan Magallanes
  • Getty


  • Bob Boulware
  • Ryan Young*

Volunteer Coordination

  • Doug Korns
  • Lori Daniels
  • Jake Gauthier

Venue Coordinator

  • Ryan Young*
  • Michell Activity Center IT Dept.


  • Jake Gauthier

Donors and Patrons

A special thanks to our Donors and Patrons. We could not so this without your support!! 

*An Extra Special Recognition

Doug Korns, Lori Daniels, and Ryan Young deserve an extra special recognition. Despite having more moving parts than usual (3 camera, graphics, and commentary), this year’s production was the smoothest ever. Their contributions are what made this possible. 


If I forgot to mention you I sincerely apologize. Please let me know as you deserve recognition.

The Freestyle Player’s Association World Championships Will Be Live Streamed

The Freestyle Player’s Association World Championships for 2019 (FPAW 2019) will be live streamed. The event will take place in Seattle, Wa on Oct 10 – 13 in the Mitchell Activity Center, with the finals for all divisions being on the 13th. Also taking place at this event and being streamed will be the FPA all hands meeting and the Freestyle Flying disc Hall of Fame inductions.

So far this event has 44 teams registered, including many of the top players. One team of note is the co-op team of James Wiseman, Daniel O’Neill, and Paul Kenny. This team has won the Co-Op division twice and is ready to go for a third. In the past they have brought multi-disc routines that are packed full of edgy diff and creativity where no moment is left without content. Of course the team of Ryan Young, Dave Schiller, and Pavel Baranak won last year and is defending this year. This team can execute technical difficulty and spinning catches like no bodies business. Plus they have some unique tricks that no other team will bring the table.

In Women’s Pairs, Cindy Saint Mary and Lisa Hunrichs are back and ready to claim another title. These competitors have played and won many times in the past and have some of the deepest games of any of the other teams. However, many other teams are hungry will not let Cindy and Lisa off without a battle. The team of Emma Kahle and Mary Lowry have played together before and are both title holders in this division. Then there’s Ilka Simon and Juliana Korver; both strong players who competed at the World Urban Games.

In the Open pairs division look out for the team of Mehrdad Hosseinian, aka “Graf” and James Wiseman. These guys are ranked 3rd and 2nd respectively and are possibly the best players the game has ever seen. James can do any move with any spin and Graf invents a new move every time he touches the disc. The two together may be an unstoppable force. Still, Edoardo Turri and Mattia Colombari may be ready to stop them. These guys are up and comers from Rovereto, Italy and have been turning heads at the last few evens they attended. This team is known for their connectivity and for surprising the audience with moves that might look easy, but certainly are not.

In the Mixed Pairs division Maxine Mittempergher and Edoardo Turri are the team to beat. They won mixed at Frisbeer and have been turning heads ever since. They have a style that looks graceful and controlled yet their diff is off the charts. However, Lisa Hunrichs and Freddy Finner may surprise us as they are both top players. Lisa, of course has multiple mixed pairs titles but none with Freddy. Freddy is coming off a win at Beach stylers so it’s all about the chemistry that these two can bring to the table.

Don’t miss the action; tune in here.

Episode 101: World Urban Games 2019 Recap

We discuss what the heck just happened in Budapest with the below panel.
Skippy Jammer – WFDF Freestyle Chair.
Paul Kenny – FPA Executive Director.
Lori Daniels – FPA Board member & onsite commentator at WUG.
Jake Gauthier – Commentator for WUG live stream via The Olympic Channel.
Emma Kahle & Daniel O’Neill – winners of the gold medal at the inaugural WUG 2019.

Beach Styler’s 2019 Results

Open Pairs 
Pool A Semi
7th – Marie and Gus – 20.79
6th – Buti and Z – 23.91
5th – Jimmy D. and Pablo – 35.34
4th – Jonathan Willett and Dave Zeff – 36.23 (advance to finals)
3rd – Francesco and Laerbz – 38.05
2nd – Jan and Pavel – 38.6
1st – Freddy and Jake  – 44.05
Pool B Semi
6th – Gerry and Jay – 22.24
5th – Edo and Notzi – 32.23
4th – Daniel and Riley – 32.85
3rd – Andrea and schillz – 34.84
2nd – Dave L – Danny C. – 37.2
1st – James and Murf – 49.22
8th – Zeff and Willett – 32.34
7th – Daniel and Riley – 32.42
6th – Francesco and Laerbz – 35.97
5th – Dave L. and Danny C. – 39.15
4th – Jan and Pavel – 39.45
3rd – James and Murf 43.46
2nd – schillz and Andrea – 43.77
1st – Jake and Freddy – 44.32
2nd – Juliana and Maxine – 31.69
1st – Ilka and Lisa – 35.67
Air Brush Race
Winner, winner- Freddy Spinner!
Pool A Semi 
Jimmy D. 30.75 (average score)
Jonathan – 51.0
schillz – 80.5
James – 93.5 (advance to final)
Pool B semi 
Gus – 0.0
Notzi 32.0
Juliana – 35.25
Jake – 63.0
Edo – 63.25
Francesco – 75.5 (advance to final)
Pool C semi
Zeff – 0.0
Leaker – 22
Riley – 44.25
Daniel – 75.5
Laerbz – 81.5
Pavel – 102.25 (advance to final)
Pool D semi
Freddy – 0.0
Buti – 40.0
Kim – 68.75
Pablo – 71
Dave L. – 81.25
Jan 82.0 (advance to final)
4th – Pavel – 0.0
3rd – Jan – 86.75
2nd – James – 94.5
1st – Francesco – 95.25
Mob-Op Idol
Zen Master – James 
Disc Diva Deluxe – Ilka
Kinder Setter – Jake
Clamp-O-Matic – Pablo
Zzzzs Wiz – Laerbz
Energizer – Freddy
Death Jammer – Edo
Amazing Grace – Daniel O.
Sweet Butta Rolls – Notzi
Flash – Murf
Super Saver – Pavel
Bust-a-Move – Maxine
Kickin It – Francesco
Yoda – Joel
Check out the detailed judging sheets at the links below:
Open Pairs Finals:

Beach Stylers 2019 Will be Live Streamed

Beach Styler’s will be live streamed. The event is taking place this weekend (Sept 28 – 29) at La Jolla Shores Park in San Diego Ca. La Jolla shores is an incredible beach to jam on, with plenty of hard packed sands and kind winds coming from the west. This inspires some top notch spontaneous wind play.

The competition format also inspires.It includes 4 divisions; Open Pairs, Mob Op Idle, Air Brush Races, and Turbo Shred. Each of these challenge a freestyler’s skills in a different way.

This year will have an especially large turn out since the FPA World Championships is only two weeks after. It should be incredible to see all the top tier freestylers strut their stuff in the hein beach wind.

And, as if that were not enough, this year will include an electronic system for collecting judges results, which means we *should* have nearly realtime scores to be announced ito the live stream. So, tune in and enjoy!! But, don’t be to disappointed if no one is moving the camera…it just means that I’m out there jamming and enjoying with wind ;-).