Meet Lori Daniels

Meet Lori Daniels. We caught up with her at The Jammers 2017. Lori is a four time world title holder and a long time member of the Freestyle Player’s Association Board of Directors. She’s also the primary editor of this site (she keeps my spelling errors under control) and is my lovely wife. Learn more about Lori:

Meet Pablo Azul

Here’s another one of our interviews from back at FPAW 2015. Pablo Azul is an up and coming player from Medellin, Colombia. His love of dance shows in his graceful style. Learn more:

BTW – I heard a rumor that he may be at the Jammers 2018, which we are planning to live stream.

Meet Bianca Strunz

Back at FPAW 2015 we had a chance to briefly interview of few of the competitors. Here’s our interview with Bianca Strunz. If you want to learn more:


Dan Yarnell interviewed by John Houck

Dan Yarnell was one of the top players when I started playing. He won his first FPA Worlds in 1999 with Steve Hanes. He also had a killer routine with Randy Silvey a few years later. I remember being (and still am) amazed by is unique spinning kicks and some crazy upside down passes. In this interview Dan talks about how he got started and what it takes to get to the top of the game.