Poll: On Which Fingers Do You Wear Fake Freestyle Nails?

Guru Hand with Fingers LabeledWhen I first tried on fake nails, I was instructed to wear 4 nails – 2 on each hand; 1 on each index and 1 on each middle finger. Soon, however, I found it difficult to tip with all those nails. Tom Leitner explained to me that he wore nails only his index fingers for just that reason. I quickly made the switch and never looked back. However, many others (like Paul Kenny) wear even more than 4 nails; and find they have more intimate delay control. 

This Poll asks the question: On Which Fingers Do You Wear Fake Freestyle Nails? Please select all that apply. Just so there’s no confusion, check the graphic for the name of each finger.


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  1. I am interrested which type of nails the most players wear?
    Heinnails, Yarnails, Alinails, Tobynails, Shellworthnails, Krazygluenails, Bonenails, Selfmade nails… what else? Would be nice if you can make a poll 😉

    • Thanks for the great suggestion. It’s been added to the list of upcoming Polls.

    • hello !

      As a noob, where can i find difference betwwen all of your nails ?

      I use selfmade nails, but i’m glad if you can explain me the difference !

      • Hey, Laurent. Welcome to Frisbeeguru! Below a is a long answer from what I know. My question for you is, how do you make your nails?

        The list is various nails that are made and sold (or given away) by different jammers. Hein Nails (made by Matt Gauthier) and Yarnails (Made by Dan Yarnell) are made from dental acrylic. They are very hard and durable. Hein Nails come from molds so there are different, consistent sizes. Yarnails are made individually and so have more variation but also more art…colors and designs.

        Alinails and Toby nails are made by ALi and Toby. I don’t know how they do it. Maybe they can comment.

        I’ve not heard of Shellworthnails but my guess is they are made from sea shells. Lou Sommeral makes Bonenails, which are carved from bones. They are very nice and glue on well. However, I think the Hein nails spin a little longer.

        Krazygluenails would be ones made from Krazy Glue tubes. Players cut them out from the tube. Many years ago, this was the primary nail in use.

        Another possible one are manicure nails, where people go into a nail salon and get fake nails that are extra thick. Lori Daniels and Paul Kenny are two who do this.

        Self made would be any that don’t fit the categories above.

  2. Awesome tagcloud graphik!

  3. I used to glue on fake nails and leave them on, but they were kind of a conversation starter at work – “What’s with your nails?” Then I saw some players like Kenny and Scannell who had solon nails done and decided that was the way to go. I have them all done, even though, don’t use them all. Advantages: no nail kit, no setup / take-off time for each jam, never losing a nail, and you’re always ready to play. It makes it much easier to play everyday, as freestyle becomes a lifestyle!

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