Sunbreak 2018 Will Be Live Streamed

Potlatch Group PhotoOn June 30 – July 1, Ryan Young is once again hosting the annual freestyle competition as a part of a larger ultimate event named Sunbreak (formerly Potlatch), held by DiscNW. We will be bringing you the Freestyle action live!

The scene at Sunbreak is an amazing one. The event is held at 60 Acres Park and has 79 ultimate teams. Tucked away on half a field is the freestyle tent. There, among all the frisbee energy, we will shred our brains out. But the excitement doesn’t end there! Ryan Young always has an innovative competition format that is designed to test both our freestyle and our strategic skills. This years tournament includes 3 events: Open Pairs, Follow the Leader, and the Flower Round.

Open pairs has a twist: teams play 3 times, for 1 minute on each time. Only their highest score counts. This should inspire teams bring out their biggest moves right from the start, as there’s no time to ramp-up; and it only takes 2-3 hein combos to lay down a crushing score.

Follow the Leader is an interesting twist on the game of horse. A player will do a combo, then other players try to replicate it. The originating player will earns points based on how few players can replicate the combo. However, if no players can replicate the combo, the originating player receives no points. So the goal is to do a combo that is really hard, but not so hard that no one can do it. This will require careful thought and a deep knowledge of the other players’ abilities. 

Of course, the Flower Round is a staple of this event. Teams are drawn from a hat and then play for 3 minutes. The audience grabs flowers and prepares. As the team performs, if the audience likes what they see, they throw the flowers into the playing area. Everyone is a winner in this event, with hein jamming and positive emotions throughout.

The only warning I must give is that the internet can be unreliable at 60 Acres Park. If this is the case, we will record the event and replay it in the evening.

Tune in here to watch the event.

Read more about it here.

The Frisbee Italian Championship Open and the US Open Overalls Will be Live Streamed

This coming weekend (June 15, 16, & 17 2018) we have a very special treat. 2 events will be Live Streamed; The Frisbee Italian Championship Open and the US Open Overalls.

US Open Overall Frisbee EventStarting on June 15, Lori Daniels will be bring us the Freestyle action from the US Open in Tallahassee Florida. As an appetizer, Jens will be running a Speed Flow event. Then we move to the Freestyle event, being run by Larry Imperiale. This year they are trying something new. Rather than teaming up, players will compete individually. The exact details have not yet been communicated beyond the competitors so it will be a surprise that we can look forward too. Of course, this is all contingent on the technology being a success. This is Lori’s first solo live stream production so a special thanks to her for taking on the challenge.

June 16 will bring us the finals of the US Open and the beginning of the Frisbee Italian Championship Open. FICO is being brought to us by Chris Belaj and is taking place on the beautiful beaches of the port of Lecce, San Cataldo, Italy. Hosted by Serge Marconi and the Roma crew, this event will include the Open Co-Op and Open Pairs divisions. This event is sure to draw some of the top European talent so don’t miss it! 

June 17 will bring us the finals from FICO, and hopefully a great jam day as well. Check out the event sites here US Open | FICO. Check the stream pages for the tentative schedules US Open | FICO.

The Jammers 2018 Results

James Wiseman, Lori Daniels, Rank: 1, Points: 3216.4, Details: Todd: 982.0  Carl: 992.4  Joel: 1242.1  
Larry Imperriale, Connie Bond, Rank: 2, Points: 2751.6, Details: Joel: 1023.5  Carl: 920.2  Todd: 807.9  
Cindy St. Mary, Tony Pellicane, Rank: 3, Points: 2538.9, Details: Joel: 1035.9  Todd: 610.0  Carl: 893.0  
Daniel O’Neil, Bethany Sanchez, Rank: 4, Points: 2310.8, Details: Joel: 935.4  Todd: 561.6  Carl: 813.9 


Daniel O’Neil, Joey, Rank: 1, Points: 2854.7, Details: Joel: 1131.8  Todd: 899.5  Carl: 823.4  
James, Ryan, Rank: 2, Points: 2817.2, Details: Carl: 894.7  Todd: 764.3  Joel: 1158.2  
Paul, Larry, Rank: 3, Points: 2699.2, Details: Todd: 788.1  Carl: 823.2  Joel: 1087.8  
Pablo, Tito, Rank: 4, Points: 2633.5, Details: Carl: 741.3  Todd: 870.8  Joel: 1021.4  
Jonathan, Jeff, Rank: 5, Points: 2337.3, Details: Carl: 770.2  Todd: 678.0  Joel: 889.1  
Cindy, Kim, Rank: 6, Points: 2153.3, Details: Todd: 574.9  Joel: 855.5  Carl: 722.9  
Jim, Mike, Tony, Rank: 7, Points: 2138.7, Details: Carl: 700.9  Todd: 547.9  Joel: 889.9  
Dan Yarnell, Steve, Rank: 8, Points: 2029.0, Details: Todd: 597.6  Carl: 689.4  Joel: 741.9  
Lori, Charles, Rank: 9, Points: 1582.9, Details: Joel: 600.9  Todd: 366.4  Carl: 615.6  
Bernie, Connie, Rank: 10, Points: 1535.3, Details: Todd: 392.1  Carl: 551.4  Joel: 591.9  
Craig, Chuck, Rank: 11, Points: 1497.1, Details: Carl: 497.4  Todd: 433.0  Joel: 566.7 

Impressions from VA States 2018

Bret Schramek at VA States 2018

Photo by Scott Holter

I was unable to attend Virginia States 2018. Fortunately for us, Alex Cornwell attended for the first time in his life. There is something special about Virginia States that is almost indescribable. If you have not yet gone, I highly recommend you go as soon as you can. Not surprisingly, Alex was inspired by his first experience there and has offered up the story below.


On 4/28/2018-4/30/2018 I went to Virginia for my first time at the Virginia State Championships. So I was a Virginia Virgin. No more! This is the oldest (42 years) tournament in the country. It encompasses several different disciplines; Frisbee Golf, Double Disc Court, Freestyle, and competitions in Distance, Accuracy and MTA. Although it is primarily composed of people from the good ol’ USA there were a few foreigners. And of course, we have some of the best in the world in a variety of events.

This article is about my personal reflections on the whole Virginia scene. I had been urged to go for several years. One reason that I could not attend is another event around here, the Visit Artist Studio Tour, one of my favorites of the year. This year however, the VA States was a week later. Another was inertia. Suffice it to say no matter the date, this will not be my last one. 

Something really unusual happened on the Thursday I arrived. I was walking down the street to get to the Capital Ale House, a recommended watering hole. I saw a guy with a Frisbee hanging out with another guy. I asked him if he was there for the Frisbee tournament and he replied, “What Frisbee tournament?” We chatted for a few and then I told him where I was from. Turned out he had been to my little town of Hastings just north of the City and had a friend in common there. We played a bit and then sat by the river bank. He pointed out that just across the river was Washington’s birth place and the location of the famed cherry tree. I share a birthday with the Father of our Country. And I met this guy all because he had a Frisbee in his hand.

There were a bunch of us at the hotel which made it a more festive occasion. It was great having breakfast with people there. And then there was the hot tub. That was a very important accoutrement to the whole shindig. A number of us took advantage of the situation.

Now Laszlo’s. For all the uninformed, which I largely was until Friday, Laszlo’s is the group that puts on the event. It’s kind of like the event itself. It has to be experienced to truly understand it. They provided a ton of food which was available all weekend till about 6p. For $40 it was all you could eat and drink although they did have things A la Carte too. All homemade, all vegetarian and very good. A huge thanks to all those hearty souls who helped out. They set the whole thing up Thursday and cleared it on Monday with the help of Rob Fried and I who roped me in.

Rob was one of the people who urged me to attend. He took second in Freestyle with Daniel O’Neil. To put it mildly, they shredded. They were up against tough competition with the three winners World Champs merely about 30 between them. The competitions were very intense.

I had never seen Double Disc before and it was a revelation. The catches were either safe and mundane or spectacular. The throws were all at least modifications on the basics usually highly angled. Some were completely made up on the spot and there were a number of throws that are unique to Double Disc.

Distance was won with an astonishing throw of 212 yards.

One of the most gratifying aspects of the whole event was playing with a couple of kids. I have always enjoyed teaching youngsters. It was great to see them with some of the crème de la crème of the Frisbee world. One kid had never caught a trick catch and after a little instruction, he made several utl and btb catches. And the jam got spread yet again. Parenthetically, that’s one of the most important facets of the whole Frisbee scene, passing along techniques and information to children. Of course, many of the moves and even the games that were displayed over the weekend were not even invented when many of us were that age. They are hooked!

Kudos to the organizers Erics Wooten and Olsen for their work behind and in many cases in front of the scene. I got the very cool newsletter last year with my name and the address misspelled; classic Frisbee. The best indication of the success of the tournament is the love not only from the participants past and present but the people who put it on and the spectators as well. I really appreciate their hard work. Yes I know it’s a labor of love, devotion and dedication to the sport and the event itself but it is still work. May it continue to shine!!

If you’re on Facebook, Scott Holter has some great photos from the event here and here

The Jammers 2018 Will Be Live Streamed

The Jammers 2018 LogoThe Jammers 2018 will be streamed live from Jacksonville, Florida. The event takes place on Jacksonville Beach on May 26-28. The actual competition is only one day; most likely on May 26 but may shift based on the weather.

The Jammers will be host to most of the top US players as well as many locals and regulars who boast unique skills that are not seen often seen at other events. Just to throw out a few names; James Wiseman, Daniel O’Neill, Ryan Young, Pablo Azul, and Jeff O’Brien. That, plus some of the best playing conditions; ample hard pack and a stiff, steady breeze make the Jammers an enjoyable event to attend, or to watch. As a final twist, this year’s event will be using the the dial based judging system.

So, don’t miss it! Tune in May 26th at about 1pm EST (UTC-4).

Black to the Forest 2018 Will be Live Streamed

Black to the ForestBlack to the Forest 2018 takes place on May 5th and 6th in Freiburg, Germany. Thanks to Chris Belaj, it will be Live Streamed here! The event is hosted by Alex Wegner and Sacha Scherzinger.

On Saturday, May 5ht they have an interesting format in mind that they call “Pocket Check”. Its designed to see how deep players pockets really are. Teams of two are formed randomly by drawing names from a hat. Then the teams face off against each other in a battle style format. The plays not playing the active battle pick which team played the best using General Impression. If the votes lead to a tie, the tie breaker is a battle of Speed Flow. This tie breaker will further test a team’s depth of skill.

On Sunday they will have a CoOp round. At this point it is unclear to me if CoOp will use a more standard competition format or will continue with the Pocket Check concept. We’ll all just have to tune in to find out.

All-in-all this should prove to be a fun event for both those in attendance and those spectating. Thanks so much for putting on the event and for bringing us the action! Check out the facebook page for more details.