AFO Live Stream Update – The Budget

Here’s a quick update on my planned budget and how it’s tracking. Planned

Item Budgeted
Wirecast $495
Camera $400
Misc $105
Total $1000

Actual (so far)

Item Budgeted
Wirecast $845
Sony HDR-PJ540 $365
Microphone Adapter Cable $8
Camera Hot Shoe Adapter $20
Microphone Foam Wind Cover $3
Total $1241

Yes, I’m already over budget. Wirecast has two versions, standard and Pro. It turns out that the Pro version is required to control A/V sync properly. It costs $995. I contacted their sales department and got a %15 discount. Total cost: $845. I decided it was worth the extra cost since that feature was specifically one of my stated goals, especially with the discount. The camera I bought has the perfect features for this live streaming project and retails for close to $600 new. After shopping on ebay for a bit I ended up with a used one for $365. The other miscelaneous items are to connect a microphone to the new camera. There still may be a few small items yet to purchase, but I’m hoping to get by with what I already have, or can borrow. I was hoping to stay under budget enough to squeeze in a Pelican case to protect all of the equipment during travel. Alas, that may have to wait until next time. I’ll post a budget update if I acquire anything new. Thanks to everyone who has donated to the fundly campaign. Now you know exactly where the money is going.

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