Poll: Which Type of Fake Nails Do You Prefer?

Bailey user her nails for a Rim DelayThis Poll idea comes from Florian Hess, a member of the Karsruhe team who won the Co-Op world title two years in a row (2016-17). One of the main skills that makes Freestyle Frisbee unique from other disc sports is the nail delay; the act of spinning the disc on one’s fingernail. To enhance this skill, most players wear fake nails. As such a number of nail “suppliers” have sprung up. That is to say, several players make fake nails and sell of give them to other players. Still, other players make their own nails. This poll asks the question, which nails do you prefer? Let us know in the comments why. See below for a more detailed description of each nail.


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Heinnails (made by Matt Gauthier) and Yarnails (Made by Dan Yarnell) are made from dental acrylic. They are very hard and durable. Hein Nails come from molds so there are different, consistent sizes. Yarnails are made individually and so have more variation but also more art…colors and designs.

Lou Sommeral makes Bonenails, which are carved from bones. They are very nice, and look really cool. Lou dies them and the bone has natural pores.

Manicured nails, where people go into a nail salon and get fake nails that are extra thick. These stay on all the time so there’s no need for glue before jamming.

Alinails and Toby nails are made by Ali and Toby. I don’t know how they do it. Maybe they can comment.

I’ve not heard of Shellworthnails but my guess is they are made from sea shells.

Krazygluenails would be ones made from Krazy Glue tubes. Players cut them out from the tube. Many years ago, this was the primary nail in use.

Self made would be any that you make yourself. Let us know how you do it.

Other are any that don’t fit the categories above. Let us know what we missed.

Poll: What is Your Favorite Post Jam Beverage?

Photo by Kristýna Landová

Now that FPAW 2017 has concluded, it’s time to relax and jam for the pure joy of it. There’s really nothing like a good jam with good friends. You play until you’re exhausted and then play some more. And finally, when you can jam no longer, you sit down and rest, awash in a wave of contentment. How could it possibly get better? Ah, yes, a good beverage to replenish the body and soul. This poll asks: What is Your Favorite Post Jam Beverage?


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Poll: How Will YOU Stay Connected to The FPA World Championships this weekend?

FPAW 2017 LogoThe Freestyle Player’s Association World Freestyle Frisbee Championships (FPAW 2017) is this weekend (Aug 3 – 6). Top players from all over the world will be in attendance, showing off their skills and connecting with the Jamily. Of course, not everyone can attend. That’s why the FrisbeeGuru staff will also be in attendance, bringing you the action live and reporting on the results. You can watch here.

Staying connected to FPAW is important for fans, players, and their families. This Poll asks: How Will YOU Stay Connected to The FPA World Championships this weekend? Select all that apply.

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Poll: In Which Decade Did You Start Playing Freestyle Frisbee?


Freestyle Frisbee can be a lifelong sport. Many players start in their teens or early twenties and continue to play into their seventies. Freestyle Frisbee also attracts players of all ages. I know of many players who started in their forties and as we saw in the “how old are you?” poll, people’s ages span sixty years.

Now, let’s gather some data on when people started playing Freestyle Frisbee. In which decade did you start?

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Poll: On Which Fingers Do You Wear Fake Freestyle Nails?

Guru Hand with Fingers LabeledWhen I first tried on fake nails, I was instructed to wear 4 nails – 2 on each hand; 1 on each index and 1 on each middle finger. Soon, however, I found it difficult to tip with all those nails. Tom Leitner explained to me that he wore nails only his index fingers for just that reason. I quickly made the switch and never looked back. However, many others (like Paul Kenny) wear even more than 4 nails; and find they have more intimate delay control. 

This Poll asks the question: On Which Fingers Do You Wear Fake Freestyle Nails? Please select all that apply. Just so there’s no confusion, check the graphic for the name of each finger.


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Poll: What are the 5 Most Important Characteristics of a Freestyle Frisbee Shoe?

Jam ShoesOpinions about the best shoes for Freestyle are varied. In Matt Gauthier’s article about Freestyle Frisbee equipment, he writes that wearing shoes one size too small helps with kick brushing control. Conversely, Larry Imperiale recommends one size too big. Donnie Rhodes and Ryan Young like jamming in Ballet shoes for maximum foot articulation, while Lori Daniels like high tops for ankle support.

In this week’s poll, we search for common characteristics that define the best Freestyle Frisbee shoe. Choose your top 5 answers.

What are the 5 Most Important Characteristics of a Freestyle Frisbee Shoe?


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If you’re looking for shoes, here are 2 suggestions. Note: these are affiliate links so FrisbeeGuru gets a small cut if you use the link and make a purchase:

Rebook Classics – Jake’s Choice

Adidas Samba – Matt’s Choice

Poll: How Many Hours Per Week Do You Play Frisbee?

How Many Hours do You Play Frisbee Per WeekFor many of us, Frisbee is more than a pastime. It’s a passion. It’s what keeps us grounded. It relieves the daily stresses of life. It’s what we look forward to after work, on weekends, and for vacation. It’s what gives us purpose. It’s what we live for.

This Poll asks; How Many Hours Per Week Do You Play Frisbee? This means all forms of flying disc play, not just Freestyle.


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Which of Your Throws Has the Most Spin?

A Decent BackhandThe other day, James Wiseman and I were discussing the importance of throwing the disc with as much spin as possible. This evolved into strategies for throwing with more spin like working on grip strength. We also talked about which throws might have more spin than others and even did some testing of our own throws to see where we stood. Now I’m turning to you to ask the question:

Which of your throws has the most spin?

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Poll: What is Your Favorite Color Discraft Sky-Styler?

Sky StylersAnyone who’s jammed with a Discraft Sky-Styler knows that the color effects how the disc plays. Some colors are softer which changes how they air brush. Some colors spin longer than others, making them better for the nail delay. Some colors are easier to see than others. With so many variables, exactly which Sky-Styler to play with comes down to a matter of preference. So what’s your preference? This week’s poll:

What is your favorite color of Discraft Sky-Styler?

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Of course there are those who prefer a different disc all together. If that’s you, let us know which disc you prefer in the comments below. Thanks, Lusti, for the poll suggestion.

Poll: Would You Like Commentary During Routines on the Live Stream

Having produced Freestyle Frisbee Live Streams for 4 FPA Worlds, I’m often thinking about how to grow the audience. One idea is to have commentary during the routines. I know that when I watch other sports where I lack expertise, commentary helps me to understand what is going on. The same might work for Freestyle: share information with viewers what they are seeing and they gain a deeper appreciation.

Of course, there’s also the educated audience to consider. They don’t need to be told what’s going on. Commentary might detract from the performance in some way. With that in mind, this poll asks:

Would you like commentary during routines on the live stream?

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Explain your answer in the comments below.