Episode 25: Juliana’s Freestyle Journey Continues

Juliana Figure 4Find out how Juliana Korver is preparing for her second FPA World’s Championship in Udine. Her desire to get better drives her to practice. A lot. Her success in Disc Golf was a catalyst for the regimen she currently uses, and it is quite impressive! Growing up, her mother’s encouraging words, “you can do anything”  were motivating, but she knew that would come with a lot of work on her part. Juliana is finally enjoying using her skills more than building skills, and she’s excited about that. Get more insight about her videos and how they’ve helped her (and others.) Hear about how she experienced jamming in Prague vs. the Canary Islands. And finally, when Jake asks if she were told 15 years ago that she would now be playing Freestyle, what she would have said.

You can watch Juliana live from Udine here.

Episode 24: More Insights from Bill Wright

Bill on the cover of FrisbeeworldJake, Randy, & Bill have a conversation about introducing new people to Freestyle and some of the reasons it’s so hard. It is more than teaching, it is inspiring people. When you find someone that has “the bug” you can see it, and it’s so cool! They also chat about the past and how Whamo managed to attract such big crowds to events. Oh, the good ol’ days of yesteryear….

How many people have YOU converted to Freestyle? We’d love to hear your success stories! 

Episode 23: Jeff Felberbaum’s Final Installment

Jeff Felberbaum and the Washington Square WizardsJeff remembers some of the important, but forgotten players from his generation. He shares his perception on how the game has changed over the years and although the moves have become more technical, he questions the overall direction. Being asked to be in the Hall of Fame was meaningful for Jeff and he appreciated hearing that he’d made an impact on people’s lives. He now uses his passion for Freestyle to make the world a better place through his V-Disc Project. Here is the link to learn more.

Episode 22: Ilka Simon, The Reluctant Champion


Photo by Sisco Lord

Ilka Simon and Bianca Strunz won the Women’s Pairs division at the 2014 World Championships. In this episode, Ilka shares how factory work can lead to playing frisbee. For Ilka, Freestyle Frisbee was not love at first sight, but after experiencing the supportive environment, continued support from Boguslaw Bul and a little extra attention from the Beast, she was hooked. Hear why Ilka finds greater comfort in competing vs. jamming and why 2014 was one of the best years of her life.

Episode 21: Doug E Fresh’s Top 10 Jam Spots

Doug E Fresh in Zanzibar

Doug E Fresh in Zanzibar

Listen to Doug E Fresh’s new installment of the Top Ten.

  • Hear about his favorite places to make the magic happen and what metrics he uses to make his determination.
  • Is he able to actually keep it to ten?
  • What are Randy & Jake’s additions?
  • How many of these places have you been?

Leave comments on your favorite jam spots.

Sleepy and Dunk Loving the Beach

Sleepy and Dunk Loving the Beach

Krae coming to you at the meadow

Krae coming to you at the meadow

Episode 20: Allen and Donnie Talk Freestyle Frisbee Philosophy

Donnie and AllenDonnie Rhodes and Allen Elliott continue to take us down freestyle Frisbee memory lane.

  • Donnie and Allen comment on the difference between playing inside and outside.
  • Survive mode and thrive mode is how Randy describes it.
  • Donnie talks about how he and Joey Hudoklin influenced the game early on.
  • Is it true that the discipline and rigor they strived for made it less fun?
  • Hear how the judging system has changed over the years and how some people just have something that is unquantifiable.
  • Donnie answers the burning question, why did he stop playing a sport that meant so much to him?  It gets personal.
  • Find out who Donnie and Allen consider to be the best forgotten players.
  • What are your shoes of choice?


Episode 19: Jens and Erwin Velasquez Hit the Streets of Peru

Jens and Erwin with Jo Cahow at the RosebowlIt is hard to have the right words to introduce these two hall of famers, the amazing V-Brothers, Jens and Erwin Velasquez. They talk about their New Jersey roots and their introduction to Frisbee via Ultimate. But their real excitement was ignited when they went as spectators to the multi-faceted Frisbee Overall event called OCTAD in 1975. It was there that they watched in awe as Victor Malafronte, John Kirkland, Ken Westerfield, and others showed off their disc skills. From that point on, they were hooked. Before heading off for the summer to visit family in Peru, they bought a bunch of Frisbees to take with them. Listen as they recount entertaining the locals in various town squares, while unknowingly preparing themselves to become the next World Freestyle Champions at the Rose Bowl in 1976.

Here is Jen’s account of sending a letter to Whamo and meeting Ed Headrick.

Here is Whamo’s response to Jen’s letter. He suggests you read the above link first.

Here’s some more history of OCTAD  and Freestyle’s growth in 1975-76.

Episode 18: Juliana Korver Discovers Freestyle

Juliana KorverFind out how Juliana Korver, a super successful, many time world champion, disc golfer, decided to take on the challenge of transitioning to Freestyle.

  • The combination of a trip to Sweden to visit Sune Wentzel, a Facebook post, and an invite from Randy to play in the FPA Worlds in New York, started her journey.
  • Juliana’s analytical approach and the documentation of her practice on social media tells the real story about how much time and dedication it takes to be a competitor. Check out her website to see her progress.
  • This has also inspired Jake to up his practice time!
  • In the end, it is truly the support and encouragement from the Freestyle community that keeps Juliana engaged and motivated to continue her new found passion.

Episode 17: Deaton Mitchell Returns to Share More

Deaton and JimDeaton Mitchell returns to tell more about his relationship with Jim Schmal and Pat Carrasco.

  • Find out how Jim’s move from the Bayou to San Diego in the middle of their 4 consecutive FPA Worlds Open Pair titles was actually good for them.
  • Hear about their travels to South Africa and how being dependent on the money drove them to play as much as they could with their eye on the prize.
  • Did this ultimately lead to Deaton’s burnout in 1987?
  • Deaton shares the REAL story about why Pat stopped competing but over time became one of the best jammers out there.
  • Randy and Deaton discuss getting older and how that impacts your game.
  • But neither age nor injuries can keep Deaton down as he maintains some of the Bayou Blasters moves from the past.
  • By the way, how furry do you like your discs?

Episode 16: Jeff Felberbaum Continues the Conversation

Aunt Lenny, Jeff Felberbaum, and John Dwork

Aunt Lenny, Jeff Felberbaum, and John Dwork – 1977

We continue the conversation with Jeff Felberbaum.

  • He tells us about Krae’s Disc Dance which we’d heard of but didn’t know much about.
  • The diverse traveling troupe included juggler’s, break-dancers, and slow motion roller skaters.
  • The secret, per Jeff, is make it be about the audience, and not yourself.
  • Jeff has thoughts on encouraging freestyle to get out its current box by doing good for others and the world.
  • Why does Jeff crack up when asked about how it was to play with the talented John Dwork?
  • Thanks for the cash Uncle Herman!
  • Find out how Jeff hooked up with Evan David, and hear him do some self-reflecting on his partnership with Donnie Rhodes.
  • Jeff and his partners have a lot of success, but as we all know, Frisbee Hell (aka spaunch) can happen to anyone at any time.