Episode 44: Joey Hudoklin is Just Getting Warm

Joey Third SideJoey shares a harrowing tale of the winter chill in NYC and how in 1978 it ultimately led him and Richie Smits to a warmer climate in California. Joey describes the Venice Beach scene then, and elaborates on what he meant when he said “we don’t need no stinkin’ conditions.” He shares his epic Rose Bowl experiences in the late 70’s with his partners, Richie and Donnie Rhodes. Find out about the synergy he and Donny had and how they were able to push each other. Jake and Randy also share who in their lives that pushed them in their freestyle play. What is your favorite frisbee word?

Episode 43: Dan “The Stork” Roddick – The One and Only Inductee in All the Disc Hall of Fames

Stork doing a constroktionStork is humble…but many consider him to be the Father of Frisbee. He shares how his frisbee journey began, which according to his mother’s records, was at five years old. It was then, in 1953, that he found a Pipco Flying Saucer under the Christmas tree. He started out by playing spaceship games with his dad, an astronomer. They didn’t name it then, but it was really a version of today’s Disc Golf. It wasn’t until 20 years later that he saw there was more than just throwing and catching, and he started to see how many times he could touch the frisbee before he caught it. And 15 years later, it was the Jersey Jam, where he finally saw the nail delay in a routine. Stork says the world is full of Muggle’s, AKA the people that don’t know the magic. In contrast, he says the Frisbee tribe draws in a particular type of person who is open to new experiences, interested, and interesting. Is Frisbee the fountain of youth? Have you seen the aliens walking amongst us?

Read more about Stork in this indepth article.

Episode 42: Carolyn Hubbard and Stacy McCarthy Return to Share Good Memories

  • Carolyn and Stacy RollJake asks about the secret to throwing well. Stacy says practice is the only thing that makes you better. There are lots of shared chuckles about the chicken wing throw.
  • When asked about their favorite memories, one in particular stands out; When they made it to the finals of the US Open, in the Open Division with Steve Hubbard. Grace Jones, Slave to the Rhythm, was the song of choice. It was a magical experience.
  • They also share how The Grateful Dead played into their frisbee experience.
  • Stacy went on to play longer than Carolyn, and did some cool things internationally with Amy Schiller.
  • They explain why they stopped playing. It was for similar reasons; they pursued careers and had children.
  • How cool would it be if Carolyn and Stacy had a come back?!

Episode 41: Matteo Gaddoni – The Man of Multiple Frisbee Disciplines and World Championships

Matteo GaddoniIn this episode we talk to Matteo Gaddoni, winner of Open Pairs at FPAW 2009 & 2010 with Tom Leitner and Arthur Coddington respectively. Learn more about Matteo at his blog, http://www.gaddoz.com/

Hear how Matteo first started playing frisbee with friends in his hometown of Forli, Italy. In 2002 he started to figure out what Freestyle was, and his newly acquired access to the internet (albeit pre-YouTube) opened his eyes to the possibilities. He soon hooked up with Clay Collera from Rimini, where he saw his first nail delay in person. Clay continued to mentor him on how to do tricks and build his skills but it was Mark Regalbuti and others in New York that taught him about flow. However, Matteo has many people that have brought him inspiration over the years. Both Jake and Randy remember seeing Matteo play for the first time in 2003 at FPA Worlds in Rimini; the “man in the hat” made a big impression on both of them.

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Episode 40: Graf is Back, and he is Passionate!

Graf Catches Gitis

Photo by Michal Maciolek

First note of importance, Steve Hayes turned 70 proving, yet again that frisbee truly is the fountain of youth! Happy Birthday, Beast!

Mehrdad Hosseinian AKA Graf, returns and talks about how he learned the hard way about preparation for competition. He can’t say enough good things about Fabio Sanna, both as a person and as a player; Jake and Randy pile on! Mehrdad’s shares his thoughts on a choreographed vs. a spontaneous routine during a competition. Graf, Jake, and Randy have a passionate discussion about today’s game vs. that in the 1980’s. Has there been some extreme amnesia during the 30+ years between then and now about all the great players? Graf shares his “two hearts” as he considers the future of the sport. He wonders if playing to the audience, as a way to grow the sport, would cause him to lose what he loves about it. Everyone agrees that remaining authentic is key. Speaking of moving the sport forward, are you willing to experiment a little here and there?

Live Streaming of Jam Britannia is coming up. Jake explains that he has struck a deal to have full ownership of content which eliminates advertising in the middle of a routine, or any possible copyright issues with the music. Of course, this costs money, and your donations go a long way to making this happen. Any benefactors for the live stream are welcome!

Episode 39: Joey Hudoklin has the Keys to the Highway

Joey GitisJoey explains how frisbee represents something much deeper to him. He was originally inspired by the band, Hot Tuna, admiring how they followed their own artistic path.  It was the OCTAD Jersey Jam tournament in the mid 70’s that spurred Joey’s interest in competing.  He shares his strategies on pushing the limits of his skills.  He also talks about the creation of many of the moves that continue to make freestyle exciting. Joey shares some sound advice for young players as well as his approach to balancing choreography and spontaneity.  Will we ever see the lost routine between Joey and Richie Smits?  Do you have a lost routine that you pine over? Let us know know the comments.

Jake talks about what your generous donations are used for.

Episode 38: Jake and Randy Talk About Frisbee as the Great Connector

Randy Looking HeinIn this episode Randy takes an opportunity to share some of his old stories. It sounds like Randy’s road to the Rose Bowl in 1980 was a crazy one.

  • First there was getting to the NAS Tournament in Boulder, hear how Randy used his frisbee prowess during a hitchhiking adventure to avoid going to jail; a great example of how Frisbee can be such a connector.
  • At only 16 years old, Randy worked hard to prepare for his solo routine at the Rose Bowl that never came to fruition, but not all was lost. The routine is linked below.
  • Jake and Randy talk about choreographing solo vs. with others and they discuss the pros and cons.

Episode 37: Dexter Struz from Prague

Dexter Strunz
In this episode we talk to Dexter Strunz, one of the original tournament directors for the Famed Frisbeer Competition.

  • Hear how Dexter, who started as a foot bagger and event organizer, added freestyle to his repertoire in 2004.
  • He shares the origins of the popular Frisbeer Tournament and the sudden interest from others in Prague.
  • How did 15+ great players suddenly appear?
  • Dexter shares tips on the best way to learn the sport.
  • Jake asks Dexter to share some of his favorite memories from Frisbeer, which he has so successfully organized over the years.
  • Dexter gives a personal thanks his freestyle family in the states for hosting him while he and Lucie traveled the world, something he highly recommends!

Episode 36: The Lost Interview with Steve Hayes, AKA “The Beast”

The Beast

Photo by Char Powell

As we practiced to start our podcast, we interviewed Steve Hayes “The Beast”. He has so many deep thoughts about Freestyle Frisbee that we found ourselves fascinated. This is one of those early interviews.

  • Randy starts off with a burning question for Jake.
  • The Beast goes deep on what he considers a good throw.  Who knew he was so philosophical and thoughtful?
  • He talks about the heartbeat of the jam, which is not just about making the hard moves, but about the connection with another person and making them look good. 
  • Jake talks about the hoop factory.
  • Randy, Jake, and Beast discuss flow, and a what that means now and how that evolved over the years.

Episode 35: The Last Words from Deaton Mitchell

  • Deaton Mitchell hits an Indigenous.Deaton Mitchell discusses his hardest moves and which ones he was responsible for inventing.
  • He reminisces about playing with Gina Sample and winning the Mixed division in Fort Collins in 1986.
  • Later on, he just attached himself to the “Gina Sample Express.”
  • He also praises the Velasquez brothers on their remarkable sportsmanship, and they weren’t too bad looking either.
  • Jake and Randy share their hardest moves they’ve ever done and the hardest they do on a regular basis.
  • Can you believe this is the 35th Episode of Shootin’ the Frizbreeze, and there have been over 10,000 downloads?!  Hear Jake and Randy’s observations and key learnings from doing the podcast.