Episode 131: Skippy Jammer Talks about the Legends of the Game

Skippy gets a a trophy from Bill

He goes back to the 1980’s and identifies some of the best players during that time. He also talks about some of the forgotten players that made an impact. Have you ever wondered how the FPA came about? Skippy shares some history of its’ creation.

Did you tune into the Tiny Room Challenge?  Thanks to Ryan, James, Daniel, and everyone that made the event a success!

Episode 130: Larry Imperiale, a Jambassador

Larry Paga 2011

Larry continues discussing Paganello and the foundation of the “Euro Wave”. Randy & Larry share memories of the midnight Ultra Mundo Disco at Paganello, which unfortunately is a blast from the past. Larry shares some of what he refers to as “small world stories” that have resulted from his many travels. As someone who has had a long, successful career, Larry reminisces about some of his most memorable routines. He also gives some advice to younger players.

Tune in to the Tiny Room Challenge 3 on February 6th & 7th, and February 13th & 14th.With the jammers on the net yahoo email group being removed, Tom Leitner has set up a new google-groups version. Click here to go to the sign up page.

Episode 129: Amy Schiller, “Dude, I’m Open!”

Lori Daniels joins Jake & Randy to call out 3 women who are up and coming Freestylers. They all played at the World Urban Games 2019. Jake calls out 2 additional women from Medellin that you should keep your eyes on too.

Thanks to Char Powell for starting the Women of Freestyle Facebook page. Also, check out the Freestyle Frisbee Women’s Covid CoOp video.

Amy returns and describes her Freestyle partnership with her husband Dave, what their routine building process looks like, and how they have built on different sequences over the years. As the winner of many world titles, she shares how she works up her confidence to compete.

Amy shares the impact of having 2 champion Freestyler parents on her son, Brady, a freshman in college and a dedicated musician. Here is Brady’s band, Glean on Spotify, including the song Evanston, that Amy mentions has special meaning to her.

Episode 128 – Jake, Randy, & Surprise Guest Select the First ever Freestyle Fantasy Draft

Jake, Randy, & the legendary Doug E Fresh, each select their Fantasy teams of 5 men and 3 women for the upcoming year. Listen in to find out how the scoring works and you can participate as well. Post your team in the comments below before Feb 1 and at the end of the year, the team with the most points will win a FrisbeeGuru T-Shirt.

Happy Holidays to all of you and sending hope & optimism for 2021!

Episode 127: Krae Van Sickle the Zen Flow Master

Krae DelayKrae talks about playing with Evan David and why he has had an impact on so many players. Find out the origins of the Flaming Gitis catch. Hear about the trip around the country in the blue van with the Kitsilano Kats which included John Anthony, Bill King, & Jim Brown. Krae talks about the intent of the video, Zen & the Art of Freestyle. He philosophizes about the merging of the disc and your energies; it is really quite beautiful and a timely metaphor for life.

Stay tuned for our next episode where Jake, Randy, & a special guest draft their Fantasy Freestyle Teams. 

Episode 126: Crazy Adventures with Crazy John Brooks

Crazy John Share his love of the flying discJohn continues with more stories about the Bud Light Tour with Joey Hudoklin and Chipper Bro Bell.

Find out about adventures in a Potato Chip Factory and travels to China, where there was an unfortunate culture clash.

How would you describe your frisbee apparel style?

Episode 125: Skippy Jammer is a Beach Gitis Jammer

We have Skippy to thank for creating and documenting a lot of the terminology around Freestyle that we all use today. He explains how his love of language combined with his creativity made that so. Skippy shares his logic behind names for such moves as Alien Birth Ritual and Godzilla’s Puke. He also talks about the evolution of providing recognition to stand out players with “Skippy Sez” the “Decades List,” and finally the prestigious Hall of Fame.
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Episode 124: Larry Imperiale World Jammer

Larry Psycho BashLarry picks up his discussion with Jake and Randy back at Team Side Out. Although they often had to switch out players, Randy didn’t quite meet their bar. Worried that he wouldn’t be able to play Frisbee forever, Larry took off for 3 1/2 years in 1997 to travel to faraway places, including Russia. Find out Larry’s role in the foundation for Freestyle at Paganello in 1998 and the many contributions from others that sparked the European Freestyle wave.

Episode 123: Amy Schiller – Wish We All Could be California Girls

Amy looks back to 1994 and frisbee life in the La Jolla “ghetto.” Amy talks about her experiences playing with Stacy McCarthy and how they eventually went pro. Hear about their international travels and their attempt to make a living do it. Amy shares how she and Stacy built their routines for their high-profile gigs and how the Dream of Jeannie theme, was a go to favorite. Find out how Amy & Dave used their awesome Frisbee skills to sell some Jeeps.
How do you deal with your nerves when competing?

Episode 122: Krae Van Sickle, the 360 Man

Krae performingShout out to our announcer, Mike Galloupe. We continue to love hearing his deep, tender tones during each episode!

Krae Van Sickle is back and talking about the V-Bros, whose unique approach was often the envy of others. Krae started competing in the overall events in the early 1970’s with lots of success in golf and distance, and he was the first to introduce the 360 turnaround before the release. Krae reminisces about his adventures traveling around the country finally ending up winning the overall title at the Rose Bowl in 1978. It was a time of true camaraderie vs. winning, which was appealing to Krae. As the competition became more of a focus, Krae became more dedicated to the performance art aspect of play, which was his true passion.

Call out to up to several up and coming players that are exciting to watch:  Juan David Rivera from Medellin, and Kuba Radwonski & Tymek Wrotek from Poland. Tune in to the last Tiny Room and take a look for yourselves.